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Don’t Make a Promise You Can’t Keep!

Shortly after September 11, 2001, middle school teacher Gary Weddle vowed not to shave his face until Osama Bin Laden was killed or captured. Unfortunately for him, this took nearly 10 years. However, Weddle kept his promise until this very week, once Bin Laden was indeed killed. As time went on, Weddle’s transition made him look more like a disciple of Bin Laden’s than an opponent. But he stuck to his protest nonetheless. Here were the results:

I remember when I was 9, vowing that I would never comb my then-curly hair as long as my mom made me be in girl scouts (Don’t ask; I really hated the girl scouts). But after a couple of weeks (I did have SOME resolve) I realized that “bird’s nest” wasn’t a good look and repaired my hair immediately.

Because sometimes common sense and/or identity-preservation is more important than your word…right? Would you stick to a protest no matter how irrelevant, just for the sake of integrity?





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  1. Patrick Rose says:

    I’m doing something similar which is “I won’t cut my hair until someone makes me”

    I nearly have a ponytail. Does that make me cool now?

  2. Why do I find it so vexing that his vow transformed him into looking like an OBL follower?

    Next time maybe “I’ll put one dollar into this jar every day until they get him.”

  3. Stephen says:

    Geez, this guy is hardcore. I can’t even go all semester without shaving my beard (which is something of a really unhygienic ritual I have). I can speak from lots and lots of experience when I say this guy got randomly screened /every/ time he went to the airport – probably even when he didn’t fly.

    The worst part: how bad it would be to clean all of that beard hair up after the shaving.

  4. I did the same thing with my balls, but I didn’t get any press out of it.

  5. Flairtoo says:

    Just an observation here, but if the actual syntax used was that he would not shave his face until Bin Laden was killed or captured he could very easily have invested in some beard clippers and maintained that thing. Looks like he trimmed his mustache in the pic above. It’s a technicality but there are ways to stick to your guns without looking like a Sheik.

    And BTW, those aviator-looking glasses made the look that much worse. That seems like the type of glasses a member of the Al Queda might have to me.