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Donald Glover to Finally Play Spider-Man in 2015

Someone out there must be listening: Donald Glover will be voicing Miles Morales in an upcoming arc of Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. According to USA Today, Glover will be joining the series as Miles during the “Spider-Verse” arc in 2015.

There’s a certain symmetry to all of this: back in 2010, when Marc Webb was casting the Amazing Spider-Man reboot, a number of fans started social media campaigns to get Community actor Donald Glover in the costume and on the big screen as Spidey. Glover has been a vocal fan of the character and fans of the comedian/rapper/actor thought he’d be a great Peter Parker for Sony’s new take on the Web Slinger.

While, that movement didn’t work out, Brian Michael Bendis, who was planning to off Ultimate Peter Parker around that time, noted the groundswell of support for Glover and used him as inspiration for Miles, who would take up the mantle of Spider-Man in 2011.

Now it’s got this extra meta dimension of involving the “Spider-Verse” storyline that’s going on in the comics under writer Dan Slott, and working its way into its animated counterpart. In Web Warriors, The Green Goblin is hopping between universes, collecting the DNA of various Spider-folks, one of whom is Miles Morales (Glover), who’ll have an emotional reaction to meeting the man who wore the costume before him.



Glover told USA Today that part of the reason why he loves the character is “He can be anybody.” The actor added “Spider-Man could be a girl. Spider-Man could be an old man. You don’t know. So I just tried to be as me as possible, because you’re always just going to bring it back to yourself when you watch the show.”

Here’s a clip from the show:

The new season of Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors premieres Sunday, August 31 at 9AM on Disney XD.

[Source: USA Today]

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  1. Hai says:

    What about a live movie with Donald as Miles ! He’s perfect for the role and that would really shake things up in the superheroes scene !

  2. Jims says:

    If anyone is looking for well produced and well animated western animation I highly recommend the Ultimate Spiderman series.  Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix now.

  3. Rack says:

    what happened to peter though?!

    • Nate says:

      If it’s the same as the book, then Peter died saving his family and friends from an out of control Norman Osborn.

  4. WTF is Disney XD? I hate cable TV. Pay more for the package upgrade for that 1 station or 1 show you want to watch. Here’s 3 fishing channels, and 10 shopping networks.

    • Yup says:

      And while you’re at it, you kids get off my lawn!!!

    • CSPhobos says:

      Heh. Disney XD had Tron: Uprising, which I freakin’ LOVED and only got to see it on Netflix. It has extremely high ratings, yet was canned because of “not enough viewers”. I wonder why…

      • ScreamingFalcon says:

        Actually, Tron: Uprising was and still has yet to be officially cancelled. It’s “on an extended break”.