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Don Draper Lives!

No wonder he’s smiling

Hallelujah. Just like that, AMC, Lionsgate, and Matt Weiner have reached an accord, and it’s official: two more seasons of Mad Men, with a third possible. From the press release announcing the news:

“I want to thank all of our wonderful fans for their support.” said Weiner. “I also want to thank AMC and Lionsgate for agreeing to support the artistic freedom of myself, the cast and the crew so that we can continue to make the show exactly as we have from the beginning. I’m excited to get started on the next chapter of our story.”

Sigh of relief. The renewal news, from Community, Parks and Recreation, and Fringe to Justified and now this, has been very good lately. We’ll take it.


Image: AMC


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  1. Gospel X says:

    @Duncan R. MacMaster: Well done! No other comments are necessary for this post.

  2. paylaşımınız için tşk.

  3. Jen K says:

    Imma go see Abe in a closet and celebrate!

    In the meantime, will everyone (including the glorious Weiner) stop avoiding the word “me”? “Myself” is not a fancy-pants substitute. That goes for you too, Aziz, et alia!

  4. Oluutaa says:

    All I can think is “wiener”

  5. I heard that the negotiations ended in an awkward silence, then a fade to black and a melancholy early 60s pop song.

  6. Yeah, I believe so. Too late for this year now.

  7. Morgan Blaze says:

    do we still have to wait until 2012 for new Mad Men?