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DOCTOR WHO’s Theme Song Gets The Cello Treatment

DOCTOR WHO’s Theme Song Gets The Cello Treatment

Apologies for not sending this to all of you right when it came out — we got stuck in the time vortex and it spit us out here, so we’ve just now regrouped to share this amazing cello cover of the Doctor Who theme song.

You’re likely to go quite mad, in a good way, for this cello-fied take on the iconic theme song. Because oooo-weeee-ooooo just sounds classier on a stringed instrument, doesn’t it?

Comin’ at you live from YouTubers The Doubleclicks, the sister duo regularly post videos of their songs “about D&D, dinosaurs and Mr. Darcy,” just like any good geeks would.

Okay, we admit it: we posted this simply as a way to discuss the new take on Doctor Who‘s theme song now that Peter Capaldi’s in the blue box. It’s one that’s divided fans on Twitter and other internet spaces, what with its hyper-electrified ways and semi-screeching sound. Call us old fashioned but something like this feels as though it would suit the Twelfth Doctor a little bit more, what with his love of books and learning and classical accouterment like bookshelves and chalkboards. But maybe that’s just us?

We particularly love that the cellist’s carrying case is TARDIS blue! I spy with my little eye someone that’s a Whovian.

Quick Poll: Which iteration of the Who theme song is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. The original arrangement, no question. Just something about that very minimalist arrangement that appeals. Interestingly though, I also like the Trial Of a Time Lord arrangement. Pretty well hate the Sylvester mcCoy one. 

  2. Michelle says:

    1966 is my favorite theme version.

  3. Sophia says:


  4. No matter the era’s theme, I cannot listen to any of them without singing Craig Ferguson’s lyrics out loud!

  5. No matter the era’s theme, I cannot listen to any of them without singing Craig Ferguson’s lyrics out loud!

  6. I am a big fan of the 11th Doctor’s theme.  Punchy and modern with an homage to its origins.

  7. seanoduill says:

    The new televised theme is horrific.

  8. Diane says:

    This version is this best!!!  I could listen over and over!!

  9. Random Comments says:

    Any except Eleven’s first. 

  10. Interested Person says:

    Where can you get the score?

  11. Mike Storck says:

    This one by Traffic Experiment still stands as the best:

  12. Cat says:

    That.  Was.  AMAZING!  I wanna be like you someday

  13. jeka says:

    I am Doctor. 11th

  14. J. Adams says:

    It has to be either this one or Camille and Kennerly’s version.

  15. P Wallace says:

    You have to be kidding, are you ton deaf? I had to stop it after 10 seconds of listening to that noise!

  16. P Wallace says:

    You have got to be kidding are you tone deaf? I could only listen to the 1st 10 seconds before I had to stop that noise!

  17. The Orbitus says:

    The original is best. Yes it is. Delia Derbyshire knew one end of an oscillator from the other. 

  18. Zantippy Skiphop says:

    I think the new sound is appropriate for this Doctor, but my favourite is for Doctor 11, it has the most heart I think.

  19. The_Rellek says:

    As a cellist I need the music for this….

  20. kaue says:

    you have a partiture to download

  21. Ian Williams says:

    They never used a theramin. It was all oscillators and and piano notes

  22. 71st Doctor says:

    I have I Am the Doctor as my ringtone 😉

  23. Ryan says:

    I like the long song.

  24. Mike Herron says:

    2Cello’s would do an EPIC version…

  25. LadyDoctor says:

    Yes, I really like the Harps. If they ever get a LadyDoctor that might be an option.
    My favourites so far are First and Fifth (the only Classics I’ve got through so far) and Tenth.