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DOCTOR WHO’s 8th Season Gets a ‘HIDE’ of Its Own With ‘LISTEN’

This one certainly looks like a bang-up, creeper mystery of a sort now doesn’t it? As we, the audience, become more and more comfortable with Peter Capaldi as the latest helmer of the TARDIS, Doctor Who has introduced increased mystery and intrigue into its storylines, and Saturday’s forthcoming episode, titled “Listen,” certainly looks to be doing just that.

Not only is there a wee, spooky teaser (featuring the second appearance of Danny Pink — only scragglier): there’s also a more official trailer — a/k/a what you likely saw at the end of “Robot of Sherwood” — that gives us a bit more context as to what one might expect from the shadowy, secret, and scary-looking episode. In fact the whole thing reads very, eerily similar to the season seven episode, “Hide.”

Because, what the heck: the Doctor is apparently alone and scared? Last time that happened he was hunting a ghost — or rather, trying to locate time traveller Hila Tacorien, who was trapped in a collapsing pocket universe, trying to escape what she thought was a monster but was, in fact, nothing more than a hopeful-to-be-reunited lover-creature. (Never judge a monster by its ugly mug, you guys.)

Of particular interest to the speculative and generally curious? The descriptions attached to this video and the wee teaser, placed there by the BBC themselves: “What happens when the Doctor is alone… and what scares him?” reads one; “Ghosts of past and future crowd into the lives of the Doctor and Clara” the other. Who are the ghosts? (Is that shaggy-haired incarnation of Danny Pink one?) Why do they scare them? Whose past? Whose future? Who knows, right? Who knows!

You can also watch the wee teaser if you’re into very small things:

So — what do we think this episode is actually about, eh? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. vickiwhofan says:

    The kid in the teaser reminds me of the young alien boy with the creepy dolls.  And in one shot it almost looks like the back of a soothsayer from Pompeii.  And I also liked Hide so I’m really looking forward to this one!

  2. Tyler Kolb says:

    Personally, I liked Hide. Supposedly, Listen is supposed to be one of the creepiest episodes we’ve had on Who in a while. Probably won’t have an ultra-happy ending like Hide did, though, where everyone wins, even the “antagonists”.

  3. Caroline says:

    The plot teaser reminds me more of “Amy’s Choice”

  4. Chris Munroe says:

    Interestingly there is a picture on the Dr. Who Tumbler that says Bon voyage Orson Pink…perhaps it is Danny’s future son.