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Doctor Who Shirt Contest!

So, I get a call from one of the coolest humans the other night, Craig Ferguson:

“Mr. Haaaaardwick…it’s Mr. Ferrrrguson! Do you know who’s (hint) going to be on my show Tuesday?”

“YOU MEAN ELEVENTH DOCTOR MATT FREAKING SMITH??? (calmly) Yeah, I may have heard about that…”

“Would you like to—”


Fortunately what I agreed to was appearing on the show that night as well. And that’s where YOU come in. Have you designed or know of a good Doctor Who themed tshirt? Post images & links in the comments section below and the chosen shirt will find itself attached to my body on the Late Late Show on Tuesday, November 16th. I’ve seen so many great designs out there, but I wanted to see as many as possible to make sure that I have the Who-iest garment on the planet.

Because of the time crunch, this contest will end Saturday night at 11:59p ET. Sunday I will pick a winner and Monday the winning shirt will have to be FedEx-ed for a Tuesday morning delivery. If the selected shirt can’t meet that requirement for some reason, an alternate will be chosen.

Okey doke! Let’s WHO this!!! (I’m really sorry I just wrote that)

Doctor Who logo: BBC

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  1. Dave says:

    Obviously it’s too late for this, but I just saw this one and had to share it. I think it’s pretty darn brilliant!

  2. Pam says:

    Was pleased as punch to see Chris where the woot shirt on the show. When it came out, I was in Iraq and my kids back home just didn’t (and still don’t) understand my several-decades love of Doctor Who. I’m back now, just checked the woot site and shirt is still for sale and had a HUGE pike following the CF show – see Time to buy one for me!

  3. Erik says:

    If anyone finds a simple shirt with just the new DW logo on it, let me know. That seems like the most obvious and ideal Doctor Who shirt to me. It’s what I would recommend, if it existed.

  4. Lauren says:

    Yay shirt.woot!

  5. Scott says:

    Is it as fun as it looks?

  6. redsonja1313 says:

    I hope you went with the Doctor Venn Diagram !!

  7. Nightsky says:

    *smacks self on forehead* Of COURSE! Tammy is absolutely right! Of all the Doctor Who shirts out there, “Chicks Dig Time Lords” is, if not the coolest, certainly the only one that’s spawned its own book. I think.

  8. Tammy says:

    I think Chris would look SMASHING in a “Chicks Dig Time Lords” shirt!

  9. Jason says:

    I second the woot shirt if you can get it. I wore it to a con and got several compliments.

    Barring that

    I disagree with you never forget your first doctor simply because for most Matt is not their first doctor.

  10. nel says:

    “You Never Forget Your First Doctor” — classic, neutral.

    and for god’s sake please give a shout-out to the Tennant. Smith is doing a bang-up job and all but Tennant was brill and paved the way for new Who in the States, despite BBCAmerica’s massive f***-up of not picking it up in 2005. plus, he’s a total fanboy.

  11. Jennipher says:

    Do we have to wait until Tuesday to find out which one won?

  12. Lauren says:

    This is my fav. You get the coolness of Dr Who with the timeliness of the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future.

  13. Lauren says:

    This is my fav. You get the coolness of Dr Who with the timeliness of the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future.

  14. Ryan says:

    Sorry for completely expanding your web page.

  15. Ryan says:

    That is all.
    No, no it isn’t.
    Holy Fucking Shit.
    Now THAT is all.

  16. Raygun Robyn says:

    My store is down right now so if you’re looking thru the designs trying to pick the winzorz, click here!

  17. djangoscud says:

    Ferguson MUST be on the podcast. Also Rob Schrab, and Jackie Kershon

  18. HorizonChaser says:

    While some of the t-shirts are fine, few are good for television. They have to read well from a wide angle. With that in mind, here are my choices (in order):
    1. “You Never Forget Your First Doctor” because it will read well and because it expresses a love for the show as a whole: It is very appropriate for this specific situation.

    2. “Cybermen Icon” because it is the most readable on television and because it is a symbol immediately recognized by fans (this could be considered a “one of us” t-shirt). Matt, Moff, and Craig would all get a kick out of this one. It says everything you want to without going overboard. Plus, you can wear this one again and not-we’s won’t look at you funny because you are wearing a Doctor Who t-shirt. Of all the entries submitted, this one is my personal favorite. Did I mention this one has more color choices than all the rest?

    3. “Time Crash” – David Tennant saw this shirt at ComicCon and expressed his approval to the guy wearing it. This “doctor approved” t-shirt will read well on television and be accepted by the whole sci-fi community.

    Finally, there are some shirts definitely NOT to wear. Don’t wear the David Tennant t-shirts because it’s like Kanye-ing Matt. Don’t wear “The Angels have the Phone Box” t-shirts because most of the designs are crap and the obscure joke is old now. Don’t wear the “I double-heart Doctor-refereence” t-shirt. That fad has long since passed. It’s an old joke that’s neither funny nor cool anymore. Plus, those t-shirts are really effeminate.

    Seriously, pick 1 or 2 above. Actually, pick both and order them so that you have more than one on the way “just in case”.

  19. Jennipher says:

    ooooooh! I think I may have order one of these for myself!

  20. Daniel Dunston says:

    This could be a really cool design if you can get it on a shirt.

  21. Chris I have one of my whosicles shirts in a medium I could fed-ex you if you so desire.

  22. I typed the link wrong earlier so here is that David Tennant I came up with for you! It would be white paint on a black shirt. I hope the right link gets posted in time for consideration, i really think you’ll like this one![email protected]/5172503280/