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“Doctor Who” Series 6 in 89 Seconds

Here’s a lovely little YouTube vid of the entirety of Doctor Who‘s sixth series in about a minute and a half.


Yup, that just about sums it up.

Thanks very much to Radio Free Skaro for posting it and to whoever made it for making it.


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  1. Lori-Anne says:

    Thank you…I thought it was taken from the Confidential but couldn’t place the difference. It’s the music. It’s a nice montage, but I am not sure it sums much of anything up. It’s like ‘Now That’s What I call Doctor Who, Vol 6!”

  2. Clay says:

    I don’t like these videos of “something” in blank seconds or minutes. The video does seem to be taken from DWC thus is meant to be a critique of the finale, implying that Series 6 wasted a bunch of time (or more accurately Steven Moffat).

    When done right these videos can actually serve as a tribute to whatever material they’re condensing but often they have an implication of, “I made this better” or “I’m trimming this down to its essence and there’s nothing left.” It’s an arrogant, superfluous and meaningless exercise when done out of frustration.

    Radio Free Skaro doesn’t seem to have the latter intention… So Kyle stop yelling at the internet.

  3. Sam says:

    I feel like that was Doctor Who Series 6 best of commercials minus Hitler in 89 seconds. For a video about a question, a death and a marriage or two it didn’t seem to involve any of those. Still nifty to watch though.

  4. Jay Hernandez says:


  5. The Frank Sinatra song definitely worked better on Confidential. I’ll miss that show, too bad the BBC axed it.

  6. Ben Z says:

    That wasn’t what I would call Doctor Who Series 6 in 89 seconds. That’s what I would call, “A hodgepodge of Doctor Who Series 6 clips in 89 seconds.”

  7. Bojac says:

    That is an exact rip of the last 89 seconds of Doctor Who Confidential but with different music. Confidential used Frank Sinatra instead.

  8. Livius says:

    I really like the music but there was nothing about the spacesuit.