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Doctor Who: Days of Future Past

IDW Comics artist, and my Twitter friend, Blair Shedd has spent a great deal of his own free time working on this amazing piece of art.  He’s selling the pencil sketches on ebay to get funds to come to L.A. next month for the Gallifrey One convention.  If you win the auction, Blair will include a print of the finished product.  I think it’s just so very awesome.  Here’s a link to Blair’s personal blog for all the info. You can also follow him @onegemini.

UPDATE: Blair has informed me this morning that someone has made a generous offer on the pencil sketch, so there will be no auction on it, but you can still bid on his other sketches and artwork. He is also not, repeat NOT, selling prints of the final product of the image on his site or anywhere else. It was merely a prize given to the highest bidder. Congrats, Blair!

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  1. kskryptonian says:

    So, since you mentioned Gallifrey One, it means you’ve heard of it? We’d love to see you there, Chris. Y’know, if you have time…

  2. Blair says:

    Many thanks to Kyle for posting this.

    I edited my blog to mention this, but as a past (and hopefully future) freelancer for IDW Publishing, a BBC licensee because of the Doctor Who comics, it’d be quite illegal for me to sell mechanical reproductions (ie, prints) of this image. Well, it’s illegal for anyone to sell prints of copyrighted characters without a license, really, but they’d notice one of the published artists doing it before they’d notice a random artist at a con or with an Etsy page.

    While I might give away these for free at some point (I don’t believe that’s illegal, but feel free to correct me), don’t go looking on my website to buy these. It’s not going to happen.

    What I did have for sale was the original pencils, as mentioned above, but I woke up this morning with a generous offer in my inbox which was above what I was going to auction it for, so the artwork at this point is considered sold. Sorry. 🙁

    However, if you guys like my work, I’ll still be listing some Doctor Who-related pencil and ink sketches today on eBay, and soon my sketchbook for 2010 will be on sale online.

    Thanks again!

  3. Andrea says:

    Thanks for posting this! It was an pleasant and unexpected connection to an artist that I serendipitously already admired on DeviantART. I hope he makes it to GallifreyOne, I want to live vicariously through him!

  4. stephen p. says:

    i don’t know why he doesn’t sell prints of this! he could pay for his whole gallifrey trip if he did.

  5. Jason says:

    You have approximately 13.5 hours to buy this shirt:

    I know you want to…

    I’m slowly playing catch-up with your podcasts and just listened to the one with Matt Smith. Loved it!