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Doctor Who comes to America. For realsies.

As posted by Radio Free Skaro, the BBC is reporting the first two episodes of Doctor Who series 6 will be set and shot (at least in part) on our shores.  The beautiful shores of Utah to be exact.  Read the whole story here.

In 1960s America, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory will be summoned by the oval office.  This is pretty cool, and since the story will be set in the 60s, I’m guessing Don Draper will show up at one point and have sex with Amy.  Or at least that’s the fan fic I’ve been writing.

Image: BBC

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene


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See Joaquin Phoenix in Full JOKER Make-Up

See Joaquin Phoenix in Full JOKER Make-Up



  1. Aoife says:

    That settles that then.

  2. Kyle Anderson says:


    Actually, the TV movie was shot in Vancouver, though it was set in San Francisco. This’ll be the first time it’s shot in the US AND set here.

    Yes. You’re crazy. Matt Smith is awesome.

  3. Aoife says:

    Am I the only one that’s not convinced of Matt Smith’s abilities yet?

    I find him very cocky for a guy who was a relative unknown before this. I think he does a good job as the doctor but not nearly as good as everyone says he does.

    I’m probably just crazy :S

  4. Stacy says:

    If I could double-like this in my Google Reader, I would.

  5. Javy says:

    so i read the article. i guess this means withnail’s partner didn’t really happen? you know, doctor #8. cuz the doctor WAS in the US at one point. he lost his memory or something and eric roberts was the master. maybe it was just a big bad dream or something. i’m sure everyone around here tries to think of that american ‘movie’ as a bad dream.

  6. Adam says:

    See, I read that it was going to be dealing with Nixon. See, they just have to make ole Tricky Dick a regeneration of The Master. Then The Doctor can be aided in taking him down by Hunter Thompson.

  7. Firejunction says:

    Are you kidding? Amy/Joan OTP 4ever.

  8. Azza says:

    This was on bbcamerica’s tweet stream. If this isn’t made for the Nerdist community, then I don’t know what is.

  9. Azza says:

    Rory is never going to tap that, is he?

  10. TARDIS Tara says:

    The Happiness Patrol podcast will be there, and we’re taking a full-sized TARDIS prop with us!

    Probably won’t get within miles of a closed set, but we’ll be hosting DesertConOne as close as we can.

    Join us, won’t you?

  11. Jacqui says:

    The Oval Office? OOH! I can’t wait for the shitty Kennedy accent! If we can’t do them accurately, than they certainly can’t!

  12. Kyle Anderson says:

    @ Annecoultersadamsapple

    I agree …and allow me to be there.

    Also, it’s Doug BENSON who got Lithgow, not Doug Stanhope.

  13. Annecoultersadamsapple says:

    In America huh. You mean the america where the nerdist podcast is.


    If you’re the Doctor fan I think you are you’d at least try to get Smith on the podcast. If Doug Stanhope can get Jon Lithgow I’d say you have a chance at Matt Smith.

  14. Furious D says:

    They were going to set it in Arizona, but Sheriff Joe Arpaio caught the Doctor breaking the laws of physics and deported him back to Gallifrey.


  15. Kyle Anderson says:

    @ Chris
    Because of the bow tie… well played, Hardwick.

  16. Rob says:

    Thanks for posting this Kyle. Can’t wait for the show to come back. Need my Who fix.

  17. Chris Hardwick says:

    I don’t know if Amy would be a Draper girl…I feel like she would fuck Harry Crane.

  18. Livius says:

    I was wondering if they would, I was listening to the The Runaway Train audio book the other day and thought, “Him Matt needs an episode in America.”

  19. The writers clearly didn’t think this through, a few different lines of dialog and they could see the parts of the country we’re proud of. I get the impression that it didn’t occur to anyone to google Utah before they wrote the script.