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DIY: A 16-Bit Urinal

You have a bunch of old and broken Super Nintendo video game cartridges. What to do with them? Well, there’s this:

Yes, a urinal composed of SNES video game cartridges can be yours for about $250 in parts and about eight hours of your time and effort, plus whatever cartridges you have around. While it would appear that it would be a bear to clean, it’s all coated with waterproof sealant, which might help. And it does seem a little shallow, front-to-back-wise, for the purpose. But if you’re really, really into gaming and want your bathroom to carry over the theme, you can find detailed instructions here.

HT: BuzzFeed, Topless Robot

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  1. Craigination says:

    Normally I’d hate the idea of someone peeing on Super Nintendo games, but after closely scrutinizing some of the titles on there… like Madden… College Hoops… hell, fire away.

  2. patric miller says:

    does it bother anyone else to see the yellow water sitting at the bottom?

  3. Jim says:

    I think I can hear the guys interviewed from the legacy music hour podcast crying… and nothing like gold on maddens face…

  4. Dr. Mario says:

    Homeboy needs to drink more water or stop taking that morning multi-vitamin. I’m just sayin’… you know… dark pee.

  5. So when you flush… do you hear the Super Mario pipe sound?