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Disney: Joss Whedon Will Write, Direct “Avengers 2”

Okay, now we know from the Disney investors conference call today that Joss Whedon has signed on to write and direct Avengers 2. And not just that; CEO Bob Iger said that Whedon’s on board to develop a live-action Marvel TV show for ABC. No details, no other information, but there it is. Sequels are often, well, not as good as the original, but with Whedon at the helm and, presumably, the primary cast back for more, are you optimistic that the next one, which, from the mid-credit sequence scene we’ve all gathered involves Thanos as the villain, is going to equal or better the first?

And, no, you don’t have to start queuing up yet.


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  1. MischaD says:

    I am SO excited for this news! AWESOME for Avengers 2 but even MORE awesome is the prospect of Whedon doing television again.

    @Josh – I think it’s doubtful that Spider-Man will be in the next Avengers movie since Disney and Marvel don’t own the film rights to him. This latest Spider-Man movie ensured Sony’s rights for the next 10 years (I think…although that timeframe could be wrong)…anywho, Sony owns Spider-Man, therefore, no Spidey for the Avengers. We also won’t see any Mutants since Fox owns the rights to them. It’s also why Fox is talking about rebooting DareDevil…because if they don’t start production by October, the rights revert back to Marvel. A company can’t just own the rights to a movie and sit on them forever anymore…they have to actually produce a movie to keep the rights. Which was probably the major motivation behind the new Spider-Man.

  2. AlexTheBritishLlama says:

    I, personally, cannot wait to see the TV series, documenting the day-to-day life of an ordinary Shawarma shop owner in downtown new York.

  3. PoddSocks says:

    great news. Go joss!

    tv show will be interesting too… hrmmm

  4. Josh says:

    As long as they can manage to include Spider-Man as well in the sequel…

  5. Jake Marley says:

    The Avengers put the joy back into these characters for me. I am damn-happy to see that they’ve got Whedon back on board for more.

    And a Marvel TV show?! Amazeballs!

  6. Hickspy says:

    In my mind, I’m already in line.