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Episode 5: Dining with Doug and Karen
Pete Holmes and Becky Reams
Dining with Doug and KarenDining with Doug and Karen

Dining with Doug and Karen #5: Pete Holmes and Becky Reams

Pete Holmes comes on the show to talk over everyone and Becky Reams comes to the rescue to cook us some more food!

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  1. HempKnight757 says:

    I love that Karen interrupts some much than Pete can’t get all into like he usually does. She seems nice, but is kinda of rude. You can feel Pete’s frustration. @John that is not a big spoiler by any means.

  2. Smith says:

    Oh, Petey-Pete. You just sound like a guy who makes a concerted effort to eat more of the healthier foods and less of the not-as-healthful foods. Is it LA pressure to use terms like flexitarian?

    Enjoying this mix of people!

  3. roger says:

    I love the show guys. I just finished the tj miller episode, so now I know that I must listen to the rest. Keep up the great work.

  4. Miranda says:

    PROVO! Pete, you’re great. Please come back to Utah. 🙂

  5. casey says:

    Pete, please tell me that you don’t really think Giles Corey was a witch.

  6. John says:

    Who’d of thought a cooking podcast would have Breaking Bad spoilers.
    Looks like this Aussie has to stay off the internet until I can acquire the episodes.

  7. Jeff MacDonald says:

    I like Laura’s idea, a vegan show would be awesome. Maybe get Graham to be the guest?

  8. tzvi says:

    Another great ep. Becky and Pete where adorbs. Hope your bring on new cooks, I liked hearing about the different food options in the earlier eps, would like more of that, and more picts plez.

  9. laura says:

    I would love for there to be an all vegan episode with a vegan chef and a vegan guest! Think that could happen?

  10. Jesse says:

    Pete and Becky are going to have beautiful babies that come out of the womb cooking and cracking jokes. The wedding better be podcasted.

  11. Vincent S says:

    @Karen Anderson

    The existence of this podcast is enough for me…. pictures of beautiful, delicious food just makes me jealous. Thanks anyways and thanks to everyone involved for the making of this podcast (sorry for the sappiness).

  12. Christopher Cade says:

    This should be a video podcast!!!!

  13. Ryan says:

    Becky has some good chemistry with Doug and Karen.

    Pete Holmes also had good chemistry with Becky… Go for it man, get a date!


  14. Karen Anderson says:

    I promise to make sure our pictures of the food are better! We always forget until we eat half of it.