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Episode 4: Ding-Donger with Matt…
The Winning Team
Ding-Donger with Matt BraungerDing-Donger with Matt Braunger

Ding-Donger #4: The Winning Team

From lovely beer-soaked Madison, Wisconsin, Matt regales us with tales of his tour with Johnny Pemberton. Hertz employees, beer, zig-zagging across Ohio, under-attended shows, a fantastic wise-ass, and Amway employees are all involved.

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  1. Mark Rajca says:

    OMG! I’ve always felt that way about Pantera Bread!

  2. Kraken Attack! says:

    That’s funny because I know someone who’s 19-20 that looks like an older Johnny Pemberton and would be able to pass a bouncer with ease. Even dresses like him, Bizzarro Pemberton.

    With the Hertz thing it’s understandable because from her view she A: wants to create a good reputation with her customers B: is someone who loves to meet new people and C: is probably bored. The other guy sounds awfully familiar, like who Chris Hardwick refers to as the “can you cum on that?” guy.

  3. Todd Mason says:

    Left-fielding here, but I’ve just heard MB make reference to a line he credits the HEATHERS film-scripters with, on WTF’s live panel episode dropped the other day…I suspect the HEATHERS folks picked it up from Lenny Bruce, who makes the “baby’s arm with an apple in its fist” reference in at least one of the recorded versions of his routine, “How to Relax Your Colored Friends at Parties”…

  4. Mccrackelz says:

    Only Braunger can make the concept of picking up a random stranger seem delightful. We should ask all our hitchhikers whether or not they’ve been on the Tonight Show. That’s the new standard.

  5. steve says:

    Loving this podcast. It’s a subtle chuckle-bomb that sneaks up on me while I listen at work. Keep this thing going! Also, just throwing it out there, loved you on “Up All Night”.