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Digg Dialogg w/ OZZY

The wonderful peeps over at DiggDialogg were kind enough to ask me to ask Ozzy the top ten questions their readers wanted answered. I was smart enough to say, “Yes.”

I’ll post the full, unedited audio as next week’s Nerdist Podcast.

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  1. Patti says:

    That was really great, Chris. I’ll be listening to te podcast real soon. I’m just getting back online after having no internet for 4 days. AHHH! Loved the t-shirt you wore. You look fantastic in black, sir. Thanks for doing these awesome interviews, and for asking great questions. 🙂

  2. Evan says:

    Good interview. I’m finding myself becoming a new fan of yours.
    Just saw you on Craig too.

  3. Eric Cattani says:

    Awesome interview, Chris! Like Ozzy, you rock…can I be your friend?

  4. That was one fucking cool interview man. I mean holy shit Ozzy is one fucking smart guy. You think behind all the stuttering and mush mouth talk that he might not have all the lights on, but hell no man, he’s all there and that was awesome. When he said he wanted Denzel to play him a movie about him, I thought that was brilliant. I can’t wait for the podcast, I will be tuning into that for sure. Thanks for putting that up there and even if you have never met him before, it did seem like you guys got along really well. He’s this huge icon in the music industry but yet he’s like the guy who you sit down and have a (Root) beer with on his back porch and turn on some Led Zeppelin. When he said that it’s not the audience that should be privileged to see him, that it was he who was privileged to see the audience, well he just solidified why he’s so fucking awesome. As far as I’m concerned he’s earned every penny he’s made with that kind of attitude. Others in the music industry should learn from him. I think in order to succeed completely, you have to humble yourself with you fans and then reaching for the stars is not really very difficult. Great interview and I can’t wait for the unedited version. Thanks Chris!

  5. Bri says:

    My friend Morgan has that teeshirt. It really is fantastic.

  6. michael says:

    nice interview with ozzy, and nice show at The Vick theater earlier, I’m also glad that bbca shows Dr. Who more than once a day new episode ftw, do you think I should get the iphone 4 when it comes out or wait a couple of months? YOU ARE AWESOME sincerely your biggest fan!

  7. Ian says:

    Oops, the live show in Chicago that was.

  8. Ian says:

    I saw Chris in person at Adam Carollas live show, and I must say Mr. Harwick is quite dashing. Especially considering all the nerding off he does on a daily basis.

    Loved you with Adam Chris, your Xavier reference when Adam was talking about the Wheel chair bound greeter at the Coke museum was gorgeously mint and pleased my emotions.


  9. Tami says:

    Will you have a transcript for the podcast b/c of his unintelligibility? Just kidding. Great interview, and you look so hot! Are you working out?

  10. Ed in Athens says:

    Thanks for the best Ozzy interview ever! I loved the extended, conversational format that gave him a chance to make his points and state his piece. He seems like a really great guy.

  11. cucumberboy says:

    Damn fine job, son. Probably the best Digg Dialogg ever. Not to take a dump on previous hosts, but finally we have a host that puts the “di” in Dialogg. It was more of a conversation than a stale interview. Very entertaining, and Ozzy seemed to really like you as well.

    Nice pants.

  12. Dan says:

    Thanks for the website Chris.

  13. yogahz says:

    I agree with Tom.

  14. Tom says:

    You have a knack Mr. Hardwick for meeting everyone I have ever admired since I was young, curse you.

  15. Amrehlu says:

    Man, how fuckin’ sweet is your life, you get to meet Ozzy. Entertaining interview; on a scale of 14-152 how awesome was it to meet him and how awesome of a guy was he in person. Seemed like he is a damn nice guy.

  16. Steven says:

    I have the same shirt i got it at

    Here is the link

  17. Chris Hardwick says:

    Hey thanks guys! It was the first time I met him, but he was such a terrific guy.

    I’m pretty sure I got the shirt at…but I get so many nerds shirts in so many places it’s hard to keep up sometimes!

  18. Dan says:

    Awesome shirt, where can I get one?

  19. Patrick Collins says:

    I’m wondering if this the first time you have sat down with Ozzy, because you guys seemed very comfortable with one another. Do you credit this to Ozzy’s adorability or your radness as an interviewer?

  20. CrazyLadyWannaHaveYourBaby says:

    This was a fucking Awsometastic interview!! You and Ozzy were Sooo HIlarious!!!