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Dick Cavett and Dave Hill Hang Out For a Web Series

If you’re all about the Tumblr blog Awesome People Hanging Out Together, then you’re going to love the web series Dick and Dave, wherein hysterical comedian/author/musician/all around awesome person Dave Hill and legendary talk show host Dick Cavett hang out together in New York’s West Village.

Seemingly over one afternoon, Dick and Dave enjoy what appears to be iced tea and lemonade and give us a fly on the wall look at what the days in the lives of Hill and Cavett (great name for comedy duo if they ever chose to do so) are like when they just happen to be hanging around doing magic, talking the evolution of the name “Trixie”, The Dick Cavett Show, and so on and so forth.

It should be noted that very few podcasts, if any, look as classy when they’re recording as the dapper Dick and Dave enjoying any given afternoon in a very podcast like conversation at Tavern on Jane.

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  1. Sundi says:

    So cute! I want to grab an ice tea and join them for the afternoon.