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DESTINY Beta Code Giveaway and a New AVENGERS Line-Up!

CAUTION: this episode of Nerdist News may lead to a figurative avalanche of Destiny beta codes that you could not possibly prepare yourself for.

On today’s show you’ll hear all about the changes coming to the Marvel Comics universe, from a brand-new Captain America to an MCU-inspired line-up for Avengers NOW!. Then once you’ve had your superhero veggies, you can move on to video game dessert with details on our totally-awesome Destiny beta code giveaway! It’s a circus of values!

Enjoy the show, come check out tomorrow’s Nerdist News WTFridays, and sound off in the comments below about your feelings on this major shift for Marvel!


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  1. Ron says:


  2. RedwoodCoast says:

    Marvel taking all the free buzz before the event. hmmmmmm, must have even bigger suprises for the event.  New line broadens’ the reach of audience while not diminishing anything in the loyal current fans.  Fans will ensure the canon is respected.

    • ClasikRok says:

      My Thoughts Exactly! Can’t Wait for more Marvel News Next Week! On the Inhumans Front, I thought that the rights to those characters were too closely linked with the Fantastic Four to be usable in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Mayhaps the ties are blurry enough that they could be linked to the Avengers, or considered a separate entity all their own. Time will tell.

  3. Dave says:

    Please use a different player.  JW Player constantly buffers, and doesn’t buffer during the time the user pauses the playback.  It isn’t my card, drivers, or computer it is this player.

  4. GORENOX says:

    Jessica was dancing like she was in the bar from Mass Effect..lovin the blonde highlights