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Death and Return of Superman

My friend Max Landis made this fantastic mini doc about how DC killed Superman and subsequently un-killed him.

Appearances by a lot of famous-y people and then me.

Posters of Modern Films Re-Cast with Classic Actors

Posters of Modern Films Re-Cast with Classic Actors

First Official Details Revealed For AVENGERS 4!

First Official Details Revealed For AVENGERS 4!

13 Easter Eggs and Secrets You Missed in DEADPOOL 2

13 Easter Eggs and Secrets You Missed in DEADPOOL 2



  1. nick says:

    Stumbled upon the gem on youtube and my god its fucking amazing. I am sad I missed it originally when it was posted on the site.

  2. Emily G says:

    The best explanation ever. I felt a trickle of soda come out of my nose, but it’s okay, the burning means whatever you were plotting has worked.

  3. Three Toes of Fury says:

    coulda used a reference to the Tim Burton/Nicolas Cage version of Superman.

    #MattMiraCallback, #SeeFredStolerCommentThread, #ThreeToesofFuryCallback, #DontKnowHowtoUseHashTagsWell,

  4. Art says:

    @Pat T,

    Actually, its making fun of a Five for Fighting song if i’m not mistaken. Darn close though 😉

    I loved this! My interest in Chronicle went from casual to MUST SEE!. The subliminal message worked I suppose

  5. TheShillelagh says:

    Nice double face palm.

  6. Pat T says:

    Best part was the fake dave matthews band song. Eat your heart out Mira-buoy!

  7. Eddie says:

    i too am a fan of Superman, but i do believe the not-quite-facts were there to enhance the more comedic slant of the piece..aint no thing…

  8. pwardog says:

    This was horrible and condescending to those of us who not only like Superman, but love this particular era of his history. oh, and maybe Mr. Landis can do some fact checking as well next time. There are several glaring mistakes made within, and it’s hard to listen to anyone when they clearly didn’t do their homework.

  9. RJ WIlliams says:


  10. This is amazing on so many levels.

  11. Shirashima says:


  12. Ken says:

    Chris, Did you do that beautiful remake of It’s Not Easy? That entire video is just brilliantly funny. I enjoy your smoking of multiple unlit cigarettes. That’s IMPOSSIBLE!

  13. Aman Anuraj says:

    59 seconds in and I’m already hooked.

  14. genepete says:

    That was brilliant!

  15. Spider_Dude says:

    I think that middle part with Green Lantern going ape sh*t on the Green Lantern Corp was more enjoyable than the actual Green Lantern movie. :\

  16. Randy says:

    Big C appears at 13:30 as Face Palm Man.

  17. Eddie says:

    tbh, i thought all the way through watching that its nearly 20 years old, it’s not worth commenting on. His final point about death in comics turned me around though…i stopped reading the adventure of the spandex clad types cos they brought back Barry Allen…Grrr

  18. Garrett Medina says:

    This video = the best.

  19. Wyatt Seablom says:

    Star Studded!!!

  20. Damocles74 says:

    Goddammit, I was eating! I almost choked from laughing so hard.

  21. Glen Collins says:

    The only thing I loved more than Chris’s face palm was the double face palm.

    Double face palm! What does it mean?
    It means you have just used a plot device so bad it should be reserved for comment by Tom Servo, Crow, and Mike.

  22. Joe Palen says:

    A surprisingly star-studded cast for this mini-doc. I thought, “that looks like Elijah Wood”… and it was. “Simon Pegg?”. Yup. “Ron Howard?!”. Obviously. And, of course, Chris Hardwick… not as surprising, since he’s the one that posted this.

    In addition to the star-studdedness… it was a laugh-a-minute thrill-ride.

    Thanks for sharing.

  23. Three Toes of Fury says:

    Sweet tap dancing jesus, thats one of the best things ive seen in a loooong time. Max rocks! Its a beautiful deconstruction and glimpse into a jump-the-shark moment in comicdom where it started to channel the storytelling cliche’s of Days of Our Lives. Its hilarious, great production value, creatively made, and cameo-rific. (is that a grover shirt chris? why, of course it is.) Max: keep up the great work…will be checking out anything you make!
    Peace .n. JumpCuts…..

  24. Bongwater says:

    I can’t believe Superman fought Doomsday in downtown LA and I missed it.

  25. Arieh says:

    I saw Alison Haislip tweet about this earlier and I really loved how they boiled it down to “Did I punch him super hard?” “Yeah, you punched him so hard”. And the double facepalm was fantastic

  26. Roger Clendening II says:

    Wait. Max Landis. THE Max Landis? Well, this gives “Chronicle” a lot more nerd cred than I realized…

  27. Jeff says:

    I saw a screening of this at a bar here recently. It’s very entertaining.