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DEADPOOL is Officially Part of the X-MEN Cinematic Universe

Is it Deadpool time yet? The Merc with a Mouth’s solo movie was only just announced, and we’re already obsessing over every little detail the creative team lets slip.

On today’s Nerdist News, Jessica Chobot‘s breaking down the most dramatic Deadpool news yet: confirmation from none other than Simon Kinberg that D-Pooly’s flick will be a part of the X-Men Cinematic Universe. Will the script be rewritten to add in more mutants? Can Wade Wilson still break the fourth wall while standing alongside the super-serious X-Men movie cast? Find out our thoughts on these mysteries and more!

Thanks for watching today’s show, don’t forget to come and see us again tomorrow, and let us know in the comments below if this Deadpool news makes you more concerned or more excited than ever!

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  1. mikedudez says:

    i think of deadpool as the joker from nolans movies. you get that seriousness and then he cracked a joke dressed as a nurse and their you go a deadpool movie still not convinced about ryan reynolds but i can dig it.

  2. richard says:

    Can Deadpool break the 4th wall alongside the serious xmen characters? YES! HE DOES IT ALL THE FUCKING TIME IN THE COMICS!

  3. CB_Demented says:

    I’m cautiously optimistic…very cautiously. I’d rather have them not make a Deadpool movie than to do a half assed job of it and wreck the character like they did Rogue and several other characters. If he isn’t the biggest smartass in the Marvel Universe, then he isn’t Deadpool.

  4. I’m definitely happy that Deadpool is part of the X-Men universe, considering his origin is closely tied to Wolverine.

  5. kerrell says:

    Love Chobot! She’s the best! Just another awesome episode of Nerdist News to make my day all the better. Thanks Jess and the rest of the Nerdist crew.

  6. Jess throwin down with the malks? Le sigh, Nosforatu for life er unlife!

  7. rychu79 says:

    Gotta get my daily dose of the Chobot

  8. Anthony W. says:

    Would have appreciated you breaking the third wall today Chobot.  Fail.

  9. Keith E. says:

    Jess, first off your hair looks great today. I am still kinda creeped out by the ghost in the background. Can’t tell if its a person or on strings (Creepy). Give me Dead Pool anything, this is the character we all need but dont fully realize we want yet. Things will change though. Get rid of the ghost and add a zombie or Blair Frankenstein.