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DC Comics Examines the “Darkness and Light” of Their Heroes

DC Comics recently moved into a new state of the art facility at The Pointe in Burbank, California. To celebrate the opening of the new west coast offices and create awareness of their “We Can Be Heroes” giving initiative, DC employees and a handful of outside guests were invited to experience an art show around the theme of “Darkness and Light.” We were on hand for the festivities and were blown away by some of the gorgeous interpretations of our favorite heroes.

Brian Deputy, Vice President of Worldwide Creative for Warner Bros. Consumer Products served as the curator for “Darkness & Light”

DC Entertainment Executives in attendance included Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing John Rood, President Diane Nelson, Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and Co-Publisher Jim Lee

DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee with his painting of Batman.

Jim Lee’s contribution to the exhibit was painted using African tones as inspiration. His piece will travel with the “Darkness and Light” exhibit for two years to promote “We Can Be Heroes,” DC’s initiative to raise charitable giving for humanitarian efforts in the Horn of Africa. The next stop for the exhibit is The Michael J. Wolf Gallery in San Diego during San Diego Comic Con International, specifically July 13-15. While many of the pieces are by independent artists, a number of DC employees were able to feature their work in the exhibit as well. Here is a sampling of what you’ll be able to see in a few short weeks.

Dustin Nguyen was on hand for the evening. He has several pieces in the exhibit, including this one, “Untitled”

Finally, since the event took place in DC Entertainment’s new offices, a white board was made available for everyone to participate in the show. Here are a couple selections from the board. Including a random “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” poster that now has a sketch by Jim Lee, Geoff Johns and Diane Nelson on it. Someone is getting an awesome-yet-awkward decoration for their cubicle.

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  1. Fred says:

    So this means DC is gonna still suck, but in an artistic kinda way?

    That’s so comforting.

  2. chris again says:

    omg kidding!

  3. chris says:

    Jim Lee is basically a war criminal at this point. On the wrong side of history with every utterance. Picking the flesh from Alan Moore’s bones. Creators rights now.