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Dark Sorcery of the iPad

Well, okay, it’s not dark or even sorcery. But this street magician is pretty smart. I mean, he knows Japanese! Have YOU tried to learn Japanese? Shit is HARD.

Is he the best magician in the world? I can’t say. My magician judging jurisdiction is limited to the 48 contiguous states. Sorry, Alaska. I still can’t judge YOUR magicians either. Though I hear The Great Akkikiktok is doing some terrific work in the field of salmon busking.

I guess Steve Jobs was right…It IS a magical device!!! (camera pans up, lone dove flaps majestically through a pristine sky to pre-pubescent choir swell)

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  1. @Glorilis8 (et al.) He says hello, he’s Shinya the magician and people have invented various means of communication (iPad says “convey” then “the history of people = the history of communication”). Within that history, the oldest long-distance communication was signal fires (noroshi). (See smoke.) Then people developed written characters [letters]. (Puts the word “noroshi” in iPad). Then by means of paper: books.

    [Then traffic noise gets really loud.] Then we thought of photographs. Then [something] is easier with animals than people. (Shows a picture of [soon to be ex-] Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama [whose name means “pigeon mountain”] and then a picture of a pigeon/dove). Then using milk to make cheese. Then X-rays and the doctor can maybe tell you something that will come up, and the iPad shows a stomach and a freakishly deformed heart.

    Then the iPad shows his mind contains over one half “women,” just under one half “money” and one “amusement.” Then something about the ATM. Then an E-mail from and picture of Daigo the fork bender, whom some people may recognize from his TV work.

    He ends by saying that there are a lot of means of communication and people will invent more and more new things. Why? [Light turns green and motorcycle drowns him out, but the answer would have changed your life. Giving away all your possessions and living in a culvert with only a broken fork to entertain you and a wedge of cheese to lull you to sleep at night–that kind of change.]

  2. Deltus says:

    Not bad. Nicely timed, anyway.

  3. Patrick Collins says:

    A part of my soul dies every time I see or hear myself use the word “dude”. Apologies to everyone.

  4. Patrick Collins says:

    I’m no expert on magic but this dude needs to work on his sleight of hand. I knew every time there was a trick about to happen because you can see him reaching for his sleeve or prepping his jacket for the bit with the dove. While the concept was great, the execution was lacking.

    Kudos my magical Japanese friend on an original and entertaining bit nonetheless.

  5. anonymouse says:

    that’s awesome.

  6. this is amazing. I must have an iPad now!!

  7. BethanyBob says:

    The only Japanese phrase I know to describe it: … EEEEHHH?!

  8. Estragon says:

    All that magic and he still couldn’t get Hulu to work. Zing! AMIRITE?

  9. Lol not bad. The bit with the fork actually got me somewhat. Really though, how much does it cost for a cheap camera mic? Doesn’t even have to be wireless.

  10. Kelly says:

    I think he should be in a commercial. that was awesome!! 🙂

  11. Glorilis8 says:

    what the eff what that!? how’d he do that? if only i could understand that he’s saying.

  12. Patti says:

    That was amazing!!! Thanks for sharing, chris!

  13. RonNasty64 says:

    Best money shot ever!

  14. xmen141 says:

    God I hate magic tricks, even when they involve an iPad.