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Daft Punk’d

It was only a matter of time before Daft Punk scored the sequel to a 1982 sci-fi flick about computer hacking, video games, and futuristic robot suits. So the stars have aligned and Daft Punk is working on the Tron Legacy soundtrack, their first extended effort on new material since 2005’s Human After All.

In the past month, there has been a lot of blog noise and about six or so leaked tracks that apparently came from the French duo’s new project. Although Pitchfork and Spin have paid close attention to the tracks, I’m pretty certain that no one knows exactly which Daft Punk is the real Daft Punk (it could be anyone under those helmets). As a side note: I hope this Daft Punk-Tron alliance will do for Robot Helmets what Nelly did for Grillz.

In addition to the six leaked tracks, there is an official stream of meager bytes of Daft Punk’s score on the Tron website. While the leaked songs are reminiscent of Homework-era stylings –scathing synths and danceable bit crushing that make you want to go clubbing in space –the official samples are much more ominously instrumental and thus stylistically atypical. But in either case, the music stands on its own as nothing short of epic. Both Becca and I agreed that no matter what they release, “It’s fu*king Daft Punk!”

There has also been some ambiguity about whether or not the electronic duo will have a cameo in the movie. They just appeared in a Star Wars reenactment for an Adidas commercial this June, so maybe they are jarring their way into the world of sci fi film. But even if they don’t make an appearance in the movie, I have high hopes that they will ask Jeff Bridges to don his 1982 Tron costume and tour with them after the movie’s release.

Although vagueness and uncertainty are words consistently used in reference to the release of the soundtrack and the authenticity of the leaks, I am 100%  sure of one thing: Daft Punk can do no wrong. So rumors and buzz aside, Daft Punk was born (only a couple of years before the original Tron movie) to score this movie.

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  1. Teaflax says:

    This was almost as awful as I was fearing. While this may not be quite as lazy and lame as most everything else they’ve done, as usual it manages to be stiff without getting any kind of locked groove going at all. This is probably going to make the movie unwatchable. I’d have preferred a band with actual musical ideas like Squarepusher, Orbital, FSOL, To Rococo Rot, Überzone or even The Crystal Method (overused though they may be on movie soundtracks).

  2. Update: Album will be released on November 22nd. Thanks for reading!

  3. Zach says:

    Never mind. I just saw Brian’s post.

  4. Livius says:

    ^What Brian said is what I heard a while ago.
    Someone told me they were “MP3 files” or something in the Tron world. Or it could have all been a dream…

    As for the track, I love it. Looking forward to more new Daft Punk.

  5. Brian says:

    Um, pretty sure there’s no question that the 6 tracks are real. They were from the official site. Or do you think Disney put up fakes by accident?
    I’d heard it’s a lock that they’re in the movie playing DJs in a club scene in the Tron world. Not sure if these are the actual costumes or not: