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CTIA Coverage: HTC Magic, Nuvifone & Palm Pre

CTIA is basically a cell phone convention. Good times were had there by me. Though, I’ve been to the Las Vegas Convention Center so many times in the last few months that every time I go back it’s like hooking up with an ex: familiar & pleasant but with an unmistakable weirdness.

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  1. laylaness says:

    So, is the *potential* G2 that much better than the G1?

    I lessthanthree my G1, and probably the only feature request I’d have is a soft keyboard, but that’s supposed to be coming with Cupcake.

    From the brief view of the *Magic*, I don’t think I like the new design as much.

  2. RadNerd says:

    i should wait to see what the next iphone will be, rumors sound cool.

  3. ghostsama says:

    I was all excited to get the HTC Touch Pro from my carrier on the 17th when it releases but now I have a geek sad >:~~[…That HTC looks to have much pwnage to offer.

  4. Deltus says:

    I must say, I’m looking forward to the Pre (all the talk and fawning, how can you not?), but after watching your vid I went looking up the Magic, and I gotta admit, I’m torn as to which of those two I want next in a smartphone. My HTC Touch (I must’ve been high when I got it, it’s horribly underpowered) is coming up at the end of the contract soon, and lo and behold, I have two goodies to choose from! The choice is so delicious and painful, I might just pee a little. Then again, it’s basically “Which little bundle of awesome do you want, bundle A or bundle B?”, which isn’t a bad choice to have to make.

    I’m totally not seeing you on the GPS thing though. Hell, my Touch does GPS for me, and frankly a GPS unit being *slightly* more accurate doesn’t do a thing for me. My next device has to be a) a phone b) a mini-computer and c) a GPS, in that order.

    Anyway, I’ve comment-blogged enough here. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Chris Hardwick opinitude.

  5. Chris Hardwick says:

    Deltus: The Pre looks really promising! I didn’t get to play with it enough to really tell, though.

  6. Deltus says:

    Which of those was your favorite Chris?

  7. Geekoid says:

    The Magic does look nice. Any word if it will support Stereo blue tooth? i.e. the ‘Cupcake’ features?

  8. Very good stuff, thanks for the review.

  9. I have the HTC Touch and when I upgrade I am SO getting the magic if Sprint carries it.

  10. ELIZABETH says:

    Please come to Birmingham, AL. I’ll schedule your “Home for the weekend” tour. You could do an end -of week roundabout of the southeast-

    nerds over here on the east coast miss you.