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Crazy Lady Attacks Neighbor

The getting-noticed-and-then-chased chills of a zombie flick, the language of a “Deadwood” episode and the charm of Throw Mamma From The Train all rolled into one delightfully uncomfortable video that is essentially a commercial for sadness.

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  1. skrlx says:

    haha! so that’s where this came from! thanks nerdist!

  2. Amber says:

    I hate you now for posting this.

  3. silentkeelr says:

    grandma i thought i told you not to take kool-aid from starngers

  4. Jay says:

    Is it bad that I felt pity while crying and laughing at the same time?
    I’m so confused…

  5. John says:

    That was really sad alright. I laughed and felt bad about it at the same time.

  6. Ellemar says:

    She totally did remind me of a zombie, banging on the door like that.
    I super lol’d when screaming about killing that dog.

  7. poopypeehead says:


  8. Bill Mcphuckpants says:

    That lady is nuttier than squirrel turds!

  9. mo says:

    Gotta disagree with Dan and Joanne. They’ve obviously never had nutbag neighbors before.

    Despite the description posted with the video, he’s not provoking this woman–he’s just pointing a camera at her from his own property, while she screams at ANOTHER neighbor and threatens to kill their dog. Given that she’s also ranting that she won’t be run out of the neighborhood, and that she has pepper spray in hand (read the description), it looks like there’s some ongoing dispute and she’s aching for a physical confrontation.

    He’s not an asshole. The woman’s unhinged!

  10. lmdoty says:

    “What a dream I was having! Louis Armstrong was trying to kill me!” — Mama

  11. Joanne says:

    Wow. That guy is SUCH an asshole! What is wrong with him?

  12. Dan Woods says:

    This guy is your typical now-a-days, self-centered asshole in my opinion. He provoked this lady, filmed her, ran from her, then when she comes to beat his ass, he runs like a bitch and calls the police telling them there is someone banging on his door, nevermind that he provoked her- THIS GENERATION – everything is always happening to them- never the other way around. The lady is hilarious though!

  13. Deltus says:

    I wasn’t sure what hurt more, the laughter, or the extreme pathos that came over me at around the halfway mark.

  14. soulkiller69 says:

    Time to move?

  15. thecitychicken says:

    Late stage alcoholism isn’t pretty.

  16. MarcusD says:

    I wonder what she’s like when she’s not on her meds?

  17. cannabismaxwell says:

    Nothing a shovel to the face couldn’t fix.

  18. scoliosys says:

    It it wasn’t in Houston I would say that’s my mother-in-law.

  19. Isaiah says:

    That was fantastic. What was she upset about initially? The construction noise?

  20. Joe Sutkowski says:

    All women are like that when menopause comes around.

  21. Patrick Benjamin says:

    Now I’m all in the Thanksgiving spirit. Thanks Chris.

  22. Stephen says:

    Dear God. That’s going to me my aunt in about five more years.

  23. Talverion says:

    That was amazing!! She just keeps banging, and goes after the car at the end. xD

  24. wolfbreath says:

    oh damn. why did that have to be in my city.

  25. Griever92 says:

    Meth… Not even once.

  26. Nick B says:

    i remember the good old days when a fence was used to seperate neighbors.

  27. Was that a heating pad??! OMG…I have tears in my eyes….too funny…

  28. Javier says:

    Houston police sound GR8T

  29. ydroj says:

    lol all she needs is they little bird on her head and she would be perfect. “SIT DOWN KIDS!”

  30. Danielle says:

    … nice robe …

  31. Hey, it’s that bus driver from South Park! I thought she was dead.