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Craig Ferguson and Drew Carey to Swap Hosting Gigs for April Fools’ Day

Nearly 10 years after they both shared a screen with each other on The Drew Carey Show, Craig Ferguson and Drew Carey are in cahoots again, this time, in a bit of April Fools’ Day tomfoolery.

Drew, now host of The Price Is Right, and Craig, host of The Late Late Show, will switch places/time slots and host each other’s shows. Of course, both shows tape on the same CBS lot around the same time with many of the audience members sitting and waiting on the same benches, so I can only imagine that on top of the fun of a Ferguson-Carey swap, there should be some silly crossover bit that they do.

Still, as April Fools’ Day is April Fools’ Day, and most pranks that are pulled on that day aren’t announced with a press release, you shouldn’t be at all surprised if there’s more to this than just a TV host swap.

H/T USA Today

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  1. Hayley says:

    I think it’s wise to announce it! Increased viewers. I don’t watch either of these show very often, but now I will to see what happens.

  2. Sticky says:

    I think it was probably a wise choice to announce this one ahead of time. The target audience for TPIR is, well, elderly. (Craig’s target demo is no spring chicken, either, for that matter.) You want to give us old peeps plenty of warning before swapping out hosts for a day, or we might start dropping like flies.

  3. Geoff says:

    Not that it matters at this point (the story is everywhere), but why would you post this? More accurately, why would the original reporter publish this.

    The whole point of an April Fools prank would be to surprise someone. That’s not very likely when the story is posted all over the place.