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Coming To Nerdmelt: Greg Proops, Lisa Best, Matt Gourley, and More!

Coming To Nerdmelt: Greg Proops, Lisa Best, Matt Gourley, and More!

Welcome back, readers, for another look at what to expect at NerdMelt in this coming weeks. We are attempting a new format this time around, so please bear with us. May saw a lot of fun and funny performances, and June is shaping up to be just as great. Let’s take a look. Remember, tickets for shows are $8 in advance or $10 at the door unless otherwise noted below. Now on with the schedule!


Tuesday, June 9th

7pm – Greg Proops And The Smartest Man Alive Go Book Wild!

Greg Proops, will be recording an episode of his Podcast live at NerdMelt. This isn’t just any ordinary live episode of The Smartest Man In The World, though. It will also be a in celebration of Greg releasing his new book, The Smartest Book In The World. The show will feature staples of Greg’s hilarious podcast like drinking, jokes, bad dancing, and “boring preachy-parts.” Afterwards Greg will sign copies of his book that will just so happen to be on sale.

Tickets are $10

9pm – An Evening with Lisa Best

We are proud to welcome back comedian Lisa Best for a longer set of hilarity. Lisa won’t be alone, however as friends Kyle Kinane, Baron Vaughn, Sharon Houston, and Bryan Cook will tag along as opening acts. Lisa is one of our favorites and with festivals such as Bridgetown Comedy Festival, California’s Funniest Females, and Rooftop’s National College Comedy Competition all agreeing with us, you will not be disappointed. Lisa Best is the best…sorry not sorry.

Thursday, June 11th

7pm – The Best Friends Show

Let’s face it, no one is ever as funny as they are when with their best friends, right? Well, this show aims to put that concept to the test. Kim Seltzer and Aliya Kamalova host an evening where comedians will share stories with the audience along with the help of their real-life best friend. It will be a night of miscommunications, exaggerations, and fun featuring stories from Eliza SkinnerMike Ingebretson, and more.

Saturday, June 13th

7pm – A Funeral For A Prop Comic featuring Ian Abramson, Sponsored by Bob’s Big Boy Burbank

Experimental comedian and contributor to The Onion, Ian Abramson, will be hosting a funeral for legendary prop comic Virgil Soapfloats. He asks that you dress accordingly for this funeral to show your respects to the deceased. As a farewell to Mr. Soapfloats, Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank, Virgil’s favorite restaurant, will be sponsoring the event and Bob’s Big Boy himself will be in attendance. First 50 guests will receive a gift certificate for Bob’s Big Boy.

Tuesday, June 16th

9pm – First Act

In a nod to both comedy and nostalgia, this show will feature comedians doing some of their favorite bits from their first ever stand up performance. Come by to see the awkwardness from Beth Stelling, Brody Stevens, Owen Smith, Lachlan Patterson, and more as they reflect on the jokes they got them where they are now, and maybe one or two that didn’t.

Friday, June 19th

7pm – Shunt McGuppin: Bad Honky

The fallen country star and resident country bad boy of the Superego Podcast is coming to NerdMelt to play tracks from his new EP Bad Honky. Guests in attendance will also include Superego’s own Matt Gourley and Jeff Davis from Harmontown. The night will be sure to convince you that Shunt may not know where he is, but to him it’s still 1979.


That’s all for now, friends. Be sure to check back for more announcements from NerdMelt, or head over to the Showroom’s official site for more info.

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