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AngRio Birds

Just when you thought you’ve overcome your addiction to Angry Birds, here’s the all-new Angry Birds Rio.

And if you’ve seen the billboards popping up promoting the upcoming 20th Century Fox animated feature Rio, you’ll recognize this as a movie tie-in. Everything’s all about product placement these days.

Anyway, and report that the game will include 45 levels to start with more to come and will play like the original “with a few twists” and better graphics. And it’ll be initially available for iOS, Android, and Symbian in March, in advance of the movie, which hits your multiplex in April.

The movie? It’s about a domesticated macaw from Minnesota who runs off to Rio to chase the bird of his dreams. Jesse Eisenberg is the Minnesotan, Anne Hathaway his object of desire, and Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords, Jamie Foxx, and George Lopez are in the cast. And, yes, it’ll come in a 3D version, in case you don’t have enough headaches.

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  1. Deltus says:

    So the motivation for the original game was “fuck pigs”. Now, is the motivation for this one “fuck that one gay bird” or “free birds”?

  2. warped0ne says:

    Ok, cool, a new Angry Birds … when are they going to provide the last 2 levels of the current one?