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Coming Soon: A Bunch Of Cool People Talking About “Doctor Who”

As we count the days to the next new Doctor Who episode, BBC America has compiled three specials about the show to tide you over, and they include some very, very familiar faces. VERY familiar.

Yeah, him.

Our Fearless Leader Chris Hardwick is among the celebrity Doctor Who fams featured on the three specials, Doctor Who: Best of the Doctor (August 13th, 9 pm ET), Doctor Who: Best of the Monsters (August 20th, 9 pm ET), and Doctor Who: Best of the Companions, which will air on August 27th after the half-series debut, “Let’s Kill Hitler,” airs at 9 pm ET. You’d expect Chris to be on the show, what with his BBC America connection and the fact that there are few bigger Whovians anywhere. But he’s not alone: Among the people talking <em>Who</em> will be your ol’ pal Alison Haislip, celebrated Cake Boss impersonator Paul F. Tompkins, 30 Rock‘s Scott Adsit, Amanda Palmer, Reggie Watts, Natalie Morales (White Collar, Lucy the Snakehole Lounge bartender on Parks and Recreation), Eugene Mirman, Wired senior editor Adam Rogers, former Philadelphia Eagles defensive end and brand-new ESPN football analyst Hugh Douglas, and Scott Ian from Anthrax… oh, and Mark Sheppard, too.

Here’s a taste of it, with Alison, Scott, Reggie, and Chris talking about the Silence:

HT: BBC America

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  1. JohnnyNoCash says:

    I know I’m late to the party on this topic but I need to inject a little bit of a fresh perspective to this thread. For those who might feel slighted or disappointed by the absence of some obvious choices for interviewees…have you ever tried to schedule 15-20 people with very busy calendars to find time within the same few days of a taping schedule?

    Regarding celebrities doing whatever you ask of them as long as they’re getting paid…I don’t doubt some celebs will do this sort of thing but do you really think somebody could fake their way through Doctor Who commentary? I would imagine that anybody who doesn’t follow the show on some level or has only seen a couple of episodes would completely bomb. On top of that, if you follow the Nerdist Podcast you would know most of these interviewees have been mentioned by Chris or the panel as being legit fans of the series.

    C’mon, lighten up and just enjoy the shows. New fans, old fans…who cares?

  2. Habitual Gypsy says:

    Soooo, anyone know where I can watch these on-line??? I don’t have cable so my only access to BBC America is their website. Of course everything there is only promotional so you can’t watch full episodes of anything. I can get Dr. Who episodes through iTunes but can’t seem to get the specials there. I can’t understand why major corporations in the entertainment industry are still using late 90’s/early 2K’s business models in 2011. I’d be more than than happy to purchase the shows or watch online *with* commercials but it seems that this hasn’t occurred to them….?? Anyway sorry for the rant – just a frustrated Who fan.

  3. pklbryj says:

    I have been a fan of Scott Adsit since his appearances in Mr. Show and Tenacious D. I don’t know him, but I saw that he had Sarah Jane’s picture on his Facebook as a tribute a few months ago. This makes him even more terrific!

  4. Josh says:

    They are missing the point in the video. The Silence can LEAVE if they want. There was evidence that they have interstellar technology when we saw some of their underground habitats. The Doctor didn’t force us to kill them subliminally, he just forced their hand and now they have to make a choice – leave, hide, or fight back. I don’t think he would have done that moon landing sublimation trick if it meant wholesale murder. The obvious way for the Silence to fight back is to do the same thing the doctor did and get widespread control back by injecting subliminal messages into TV. They could start on a small scale, for instance, with a training video at a TV station. Once they have the TV station employees convinced not to kill them they can start spreading via TV messages to a small area and then branch out until they get messages into national TV. They could undo the Doctor’s message as long as the victims never see the moon landing video again, however with a clever subliminal message they could probably get you to ignore that video completely (perhaps by giving you an aversion to watching that video or a subliminal command to ignore anything that is said during the video, etc.).

  5. Matt says:

    Interesting, I enjoyed that but you can tell New Who fans from Old Who fans. Reggie Watts sort of set out the misconception, The Doctor didn’t ALWAYS try and find a “diplomatic” solution. It was only after the Time War that this kind of manifested, he would negotiate but there are more than enough episodes where The Doctor is wielding a big freaking gun and ready to take down an entire race. New Who fans don’t really have much of a concept of the Old Who, they don’t realise the current Doctor didn’t evolve in a void. He was a bad ass who would kill to save the ones he loved and that is what broke him in The Time War.

    Any how, I think we’re going to see The Doctor fall much further before the end of these arcs are over and it should be great fun. I’ve actually started rewatching Doctor Who from the very first episode back in the 60s (and blogging reviews of them all) to try and remind my self where The Doctor came from. He was an evil old bastard in his day. Sure he loved people but it doesn’t change the fact he would torture people for fun.

  6. Natalie says:

    Super excited!! A bunch of people I like talking about a thing I like!

  7. Candice says:

    Thank You VERY much nerdist crew, now I’m a Dr. Who fan. I probably would have never watched, if you hadn’t repeatedly mentioned the show. I started watching the Matt Smith episodes on Netflix and had to actually stop myself so i could perhaps get something important done. I’m starting the Tennet episodes this weekend. Soooooo, damn you and your podcast you have just made me THAT much nerdier, thank you.

  8. Robin Burks says:

    Shall we not get into a debate over new fan vs. old fan? ANY fan of the show is good. It means we keep getting more of the show (thank you, Perry, for saying that). I did not know that Alison was a fan, so she actually gets some cool points in my book. But as we all know, she’s not a real fan until we see her dressed up as a character from the show at a con, right? I mean… Chris did that at this year’s Gallifrey One after all.

    But hey, no Craig Ferguson on the show?

  9. John E. says:

    Chris Hardwick and Scott Ian on the same show? AWESOME! Scott Ian is a huge nerd so he should he on the Nerdist podcast one day. I think it would be a great show. Looking forward to these best of episodes. I can’t wait to hear everyone talk about the Daleks!

  10. Justin says:

    Seems like Alison is all caught up with the show since the podcast. That’s cool. I agree, Craig Ferguson and Neil Gaiman would have been great on this. Look forward to seeing this…oh and of course, seeing new episodes of DOCTOR WHO!

  11. Gallifreys Loss says:

    @Chad H — If you use episode names, you can find a ton of classic Who on youtube. Also…Barnes & Noble carries a crapload of the classic DVDs.

  12. Chad H says:

    Wow I had no idea Reggie was a fan, has he ever done any who-type music? (remix of the theme or anything like that?)

    Also yay to what Chris said the last thing the world needs is snobby elitest who fans. Old episodes, if you don’t know where to look, can be hard to find. Doctors 9 – 11 are readily available to most. My only pet peeves are “Absolute Tennant Fanbois”, tell me you only watch the Tennant stuff and stopped when he left and I will cut a bitch. :p

  13. Natalie Morales was also on The Middleman!

  14. Brian E. says:

    Hey I only started watching with Smith! I was a Torchwood first fan. I figured “New Doctor, new showrunner. Could be a good time to start”. Fell in love with the show, went back and watched everything from Eccleston on and then, thanks to the Doctor Who For Newbies articles here, started dipping into Classic Who and now own a ton of the old stuff on DVD (Davison is my favourite Doctor after Smith, followed by Troughton).

  15. Joshy B says:

    I love how “mainstream” Doctor Who is getting. I have only been a fan since the Eccleston, but back then I felt totally alone in my fandom. Now, I feel just the tiniest best of elitism when someone asks me if I have heard of “Dr. Who” and I can say I’ve been watching for years. Then, I welcome them to the fold.

    Is that so wrong?

  16. Brian E. says:

    Good point A. Who is NOT that mainstream, especially in North America. Definitely not to the level that anyone needs to worry abor bandwagon-jumping celebs cashing in on the street cred DOCTOR WHO brings. I mean seriously.

    Anyone else think these would make for some swanky DVD extras? Hardwick! Make it happen :).

    Also you should have Kanderson on the podcast to talk Who. Maybe around the return of new eps?

  17. A says:

    Can’t we all just be friends (bandwagon-jumpers and old-timers alike) and agree that Doctor Who is freaking awesome?! Can’t wait for these specials! Gallifreys Loss: I agree with you about Alison, she = rad.

    ps. Also, it seems like Doctor Who has gotten crazy popular when you are, for example, at someplace like Comic-Con. However, then you go out into the real world and realize that the majority of people have little to no idea what you are talking about. This teaches us two things: 1.We don’t need to worry yet about mass bandwagon jumping. 2. Comic-Con is obviously better than the real world!

  18. Gallifreys Loss says:

    Thank you, Chris! That’s all I was asking. In hindsight…probably a dickhole way of asking it, but I thought that’s what nerds/geeks were all about: being passionate about and defensive of series and such that they love.

  19. Chris Hardwick says:

    Hey all! Alison is the only new fan in the group in the above video. (I know this because I’m the one who introduced her to the show) Scott Adsit is a HUGE comic book nerd and Doctor Who fanatic, as well as Reggie Watts and Eugene Mirman. Recently up at the comedy festival in Montreal myself, Reggie, Eugene and a few others commandeered a table at a bar and talked about Who love for ages.

    That all having been said, new fans are fans nonetheless and their new enthusiasm keeps the show going. As for the content of whatever they air, we have no control over that. I personally talked for an hour and a half so I just don’t know what they’ll use.

    Hope you all enjoy!

  20. Gallifreys Loss says:

    @John — Swing and a miss. I actually love the new series…especially the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors.

  21. John says:

    Can’t wait to watch this! Not because I’m a fan of Doctor Who (what is that, by the way?), but because I LOVE celebrity retrospectives. Also, I’m bisexual and bullied a lot. I can totally understand everybody’s hatred of all that I am, and will be happy to go blow my brains out, if that makes Gallifreys Loss happy. I wouldn’t want to get in the way of his enjoyment of these shows.

    And, for the record, I know you were talking about celebrities selling out. I don’t know why they didn’t get a bunch of pasty suburbanites to drool out some opinions, mostly negative ones, about the latest season. That would make such good TV. As PFT’s Ice-T would say, “Go eat a hot bowl of dicks.”

  22. Gaby A. says:

    Well, to be perfectly fair, I think celebrities who profess an appreciation for the Doctor, including the younger ones who didn’t grow up with the original series, are for the most part genuine. It’s a niche market (although I will admit it’s growing popularity may soon cause that to change). As such, I hope that their love for the show is not a calculated ploy to cash in on the nerd vote/$$$. The payoff is not guaranteed (we can be an unforgiving and fickle bunch of SOB’s one one hand, or fanatically loyal on the other) and most celebs crave the the softer, chewier center of planned and guaranteed publicity.

  23. Nyte says:

    So excited to see these!

    (And as a side note just to irritate those that feel the need to classify fandom into a hierarchy… I started watching Doctor Who because I think David Tennant is gorgeous. Then I fell in love with the show. Ha!)

  24. Gallifreys Loss says:

    I’m not saying new fans or widespread success are a bad thing, but celebrities are a different sort of monster. Most of them will say or do anything to promote themselves or a new project. Doctor Who is the hip thing right now and I love that…hope the success continues for a long long time.

    The oral comment…real mature. Guess you didn’t have anything intelligent to share.

  25. Jeez, it’s contentious around here!

    Remember, the more widespread the show’s success gets, the more likely there’ll be more episodes made. TV is, after all, a business. And if celebrities get involved in the hype, well, that’s not a bad thing. Especially the kind of celebrities involved here; it’s not like you can’t imagine any of these folks watching the show. Plus, as a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I gotta see what Hugh Douglas has to say about Doctor Who.

  26. Mike says:

    Gallifreys Loss: I was really young when the series was originally on over here, so my first real experience with Dr. Who was watching the TV Movie. I remember loving it as an 11 year old, so I don’t know if my enjoying the series really counts as Bandwagon jumping. I can see a lot of people being in the same general… wagon?

  27. Gallifreys Loss says:

    Disregard that, I suck cocks.

  28. Gallifreys Loss says:

    I don’t care if Alison Haislip just started watching last weekend…I could listen to that woman talk about anything. Love to see Craig Ferguson and Neil Gaiman be a part of this also.

  29. Gallifreys Loss says:

    @Joe — God forbid a Doctor Who fan question whether or not a bunch of Doctor Who “Best of” videos would include discussion of the series prior to Eccleston. I’m just as big a fan of the revival as the original series, but it’s the same as if you were to give me a “Best of” Rolling Stones album that didn’t include anything prior to the 80s; I’d be a bit disappointed.

    Excuse me for having an opinion and a love of the Who history…a lot of which ties in to newer episodes, in case you hadn’t noticed. And god is dead.

  30. To this I can merely say but one word: w00t.

    That is all.

    (Odd that w00t doesn’t look right in this form’s font)

  31. Moni Bolis says:

    What a great chance to be part of Dr. Who even if is just as commentary 🙂

  32. Brian E. says:

    EEEE! Me excited!

  33. Joe says:

    Nah, it does sound like that’s what you’re trying to be. Yeah, god forbid the revival of the series bring in new fans and some of those fans be celebrities.

  34. Takak says:

    As far as I know, Chris is the only one who has watched from olden times. Allison Haislip mentioned on the podcast that she started from Eccleston but apart from that I dont think it matters. I started from Eccleston as well. You can’t expect everyone to be watching a show. They like the character and as it was described to me by our fearless leader Mr Hardwick through his podcast machine, it has the same feeling as the original one.

  35. Gallifreys Loss says:

    So are any of these people fans of the original series or just New-Whovians who jumped on the bandwagon? Not trying to be snarky, but it seems like being a Doctor Who fan is right up there with saying you’re bisexual or bullied lately…all the celebrities are doing it cause it’s the hip thing to do.