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Comics, Consoles, and Celebrity Burritos: What We Learned at Nerdist This Week

Well, we’ve reached the end of the week and… OOOO!!! BBC America has posted some video from the Nerdist Podcast Live in San Diego, with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, Matt and Jonah, Wil, Chris, and, yes, burritos:

Yes, you shoulda been there. I shoulda been there. At least there’s a little video and a lot of audio.

And there was a lot going on here last week, so let’s get to it, shall we?

1. We kicked things off with the debut of our Sunday Comics, featuring Diana Nock and her fabulous The Intrepid Girlbot. There will be more, much more.

2. Kyle reviewed the latest episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day, and this one took the action to L.A., because it’s a U.S. co-production, you see. And because all action on TV eventually makes it to L.A. Or Vancouver, if money’s an issue.

3. The latest edition of Kumail ‘n’ Ali’s The Indoor Kids podcast featured Conan writer Todd Levin, and the talk turned to the first consoles they ever owned. The first one’s always special.

4. Kyle posted Karen Gillan and Matt Smith’s appearances on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. They were as good as you expected them to be.

5. I never played VVVVVV, so I don’t understand what got Patrick so perturbed about someone playing it in No Death Mode and completing it. Jealousy, I guess. Can’t let it get to you. It’ll eat you up, it will.

6. Jay reviewed Cowboys and Aliens. Should he have gone to see The Smurfs instead?

7. Jon’s latest “Investing for Nerds” column took a look at social media winners and losers. See? You KNOW this stuff. You can invest! It’s just a matter of… what? It dropped HOW much? Oof.

8. Danny had a video from the Fringe panel at Comic-Con featuring some familiar faces auditioning for the role of Peter Bishop.

9. Our friends at GeekChicDaily drew our attention to Stu Levy’s documentary about the Japanese tsunami recovery efforts, Pray for Japan, and how you can help get the movie finished and onto the festival circuit through Kickstarter.

10. Kyle alerted us to the release of a Doctor Who David Tennant years boxed set. You have those DVDs already, don’t you? Well, you can buy them all at once now for a list price of two hundred American dollars.

11. Riki Lindhome’s latest Making It podcast featured Canadian writer Martin Gero, who’s Canadian and writes for American shows like Bored to Death but is, in fact, Canadian. They talked about his career and making movies and stuff, not hockey and poutine and Tim Horton’s.

12. Garmin GPS units can now sound like Yoda or Darth Vader, if you want that. They don’t sound a lot like Frank Oz or James Earl Jones, but you’ll have to live with that.

13. Someone made a stop-motion video that depicted a human pinball game. I like pinball.

14. We got to hear the late show from the Nerdist Podcast Live in San Diego at Comic-Con, and it had World Champion Judah Friedlander, Doug Benson, Kevin Pereira, Mike Phirman, and the Rifftrax guys, Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett. Lots of MST3K talk, and Hard ‘n Phirm singing a rude song about Lincoln.

15. BBC America’s got three Doctor Who clip specials with celebrity Whovians talking about the show. Chris, of course, is one of them. You will want to set your DVR right this minute, if your DVR lets you program that far ahead.

16. This week’s Dissecting Trailers found Kyle ripping into horror movie trailers. It got very dark, on many levels.

17. Anjeanette showed off her Super Mario Bros. iPad case. She got her 1-up on.

18. Kyle posted another Doctor Who trailer. As if you weren’t already clearing the date.

19. We saw a gorgeous time lapse video of L.A. at night. The video makes it almost look like a real city.

20. The Fine Brothers’ latest video creation is an interactive video game (literally, a “game” made out of videos) styled as a 16-bit Saved by the Bell game. The more you remember the show, the funnier it is.

21. Our pal Sex Nerd Sandra made her podcast debut, and her Pleasure Chest compatriot Mary and Dr. Hernando Chaves joined her to discuss Mary’s clever use of Criaglist, talk about a nifty new vibrator, and wonder why they can’t get more guys out for a certain class on a certain way to pleasure women, because, guys, if you love the ladies, you should really know that stuff.

22. Finally, the Nerdist Writer’s Panel podcast made its debut with Damon Lindelof, Jane Espenson, Erin Levy & Drew Z. Greenberg (and moderator Ben Blacker) imparting wisdom about the TV writer’s craft and what it’s like in the writers’ room on big time TV shows.

23. This week’s Music Geek Track of the Week from Becca ‘n’ Matthew G. was picked by Becca, and it was Slow Club’s “Two Cousins,” with a dance-happy video that has a slightly mesmerizing effect.

24. There’s a live video stream from Lollapalooza. You didn’t have anything else important to do this weekend anyway, right?

And that’s it for the week. Go have a great weekend and enjoy your burrito, even if it’s not being served to you by a beloved celebrity. The people behind the counter at Chipotle deserve a little love, too.


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  1. Dan Bauman says:

    PLEASE post the whole video! The BBC is cool enough to let you do that. Right?

  2. K2theM says:

    Sweet a video!

    And now I want a TRDITO. (TARDIS-Burrito)

  3. Leviohsa says:

    LOL Matt and Jonah at the beginning! Great podcast, thanks BBC for the video clip ;]

  4. Hunter says:

    Having Matt and Jonah at the beginning of the video was hilarious!

  5. Kyle says:

    I was there, it was alot of fun…Chris and Will Wheaton were hilarious.

    Sad to say, the Burrito was pretty gross.