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Comic Book Club: Jamal Igle and Jeff Rubin

Jamal Igle joins the show this week to talk about his male nudity-prone DC Comics book The Ray, and also leaving DC… FOREVER. Also on the couch? Jeff Rubin from College Humor’s Nerd Alert, who lives in fear of College Humor’s resident jock, Biff.

Meanwhile, Justin and Alex try to out ’90s-reference each other, and Pete finally learns where cheeseburgers come from.

This Week’s Stack: Terminally Illin’ #1, Swamp Thing #5, Animal Man #5, Wolverine and The X-Men: Alpha and Omega #1

Week in Geek:
* Marvel is launching ‘Avengers Alliance’ a Facebook game, which may or may not have Jarvis harvesting beets in the backyard of Avengers Mansion.

* Thor 2 is filming this Summer!

* Marvel launches Avengers vs. X-Men: Versus, which gets rid of all that pesky dialogue.

* The Star Wars TV show is called Star Wars: Underworld and is probably about trade negotiations.

Mercury Will Devour Your Gold

Mercury Will Devour Your Gold

How Hard Was Removing Superman's Mustache in JUSTICE LEAGUE?

How Hard Was Removing Superman's Mustache in JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Thor’s Hammer Has Been Reborn as a Set of Tools

Thor’s Hammer Has Been Reborn as a Set of Tools



  1. Ray says:

    I saw you guys years ago at the PIT. I was even lucky enough to see the show where Dan Slott sang his rendition of Ben Grimms proposal to Alicia. How often do you do live shows nowadays?

  2. totvornottotv says:

    are you guys going to do manga reviews or discussions?

    • Alex says:

      @totvornottotv: we usually try to talk about books that all three of us – and the majority of the audience – have read, or something that one of us went nuts for and want to tell others about. Unfortunately, most of the time that ends up being more American comics.

      That said, I read a ton of manga, and Justin and I have been reading most of Urasawa’s stuff, so it does sneak in here and there. If there’s enough demand, we’re happy to start mixing it in more often!

  3. Alex says:

    @Vidiot: I just gave that comment a million thumbs up in front of my computer.

  4. Vidiot says:

    Avengers VS X-Men the movie…… I pray to the film gods that this will happen in my lifetime.