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Comic Book Club: Axel Alonso & Al Madrigal

Axel Alonso (EIC, Marvel Comics) and Al Madrigal (The Daily Show) came on the show to talk about Avengers vs. X-Men and their comedy career respectively, and then it turned out they were the exact same guy. Also, Axel tells a crazy story about being on a fishing boat.


Watch the video version at the Nerdist Channel RIGHT NOW by clicking here! And subscribe to the Nerdist Channel bu clicking here! DO IT!!!


This Week’s Stack: Invincible #90, Swamp Thing #8, Daredevil #10.1


Week in Geek:


* Ben Kingsley is the villain in Iron Man 3, but who exactly is he playing?


* Captain America 2 to hit theaters on April 4, 2014! That’s a long time from now!


* For only $125, you can have an action figure with your face on it. Finally, a body like Arnold with your Denzel face.


* Is Disney working on a Marvel animated movie?


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  1. Jake says:

    I’m just listening to this weeks comic book club now for which I am ashamed it took me so long. But I did watch the youtube version the day it came out, which I think is still really perfect and a nice good length that compliments the podcast.

  2. Alex says:

    I honestly still can’t tell how I’m saying it wrong!

  3. Kass says:

    “Piah-nose” will never stop being funny to me. I just picture you guys next to a baby grand and it brings me joy.