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Classic Batman Characters To Appear In Fox’s GOTHAM Series

The upcoming Fox series Gotham is said to be an origin story for Commissioner Gordon and the city of Gotham itself. So it’s only right that the show includes the classic heroes and villains that turn Gotham into the crime versus justice war zone it eventually becomes, right? Fox network chairman Kevin Reilly confirmed this very thing today at the TCA event, stating that all of the classic characters, including Bruce Wayne, will be appearing in the show.

“The show will track Bruce from a child until he puts on a cape,” Reilly said. “This is all of the classic Batman characters,” Reilly continued. “It follows the arc of how they all became what they were. I’ve read the script its really good. It’s going to be this operatic soap that has a slightly larger-than-life quality.”

Clearly Fox is trying to get a Smallville, hero/villain backstory type of narrative going within the Batman universe, which may be difficult but surely has potential to be awesome if done correctly. What do you guys think? Is Gotham sounding like a winner to you so far? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Brandon says:

    I dunno. Could be amazing, actually. It has to be better than Birds of Prey.

  2. indeciSEAN says:

    When “Gotham” was announced, it sounded like Bruce was very minimally going to be floating through the storyline…now it’s following him through his childhood?
    Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but…it sounds kinda similar to Kevin Smith and Paul Dini’s “Shadow of the Bat” TV show idea…

  3. Brian says:

    I just don’t think this is a good idea. Doing a pre-Batman Gotham could be okay, but it shouldn’t be that much different from a regular crime-show, showing a mob rule in the city. Having the Falcones or the Sionis family, that’s okay…. As soon as you start putting in the classic characters… then you’re messing with the whole concept of Batman.

    A large part of the Mythos is that Batman is the one that escalated the situation. None of the super-villains started appearing or wearing masks until Bruce Wayne did. It’s, in part, his fault. They popped up as a response to Batman. But if they start showing up before Batman dons the cowel… that takes away one of the most interesting things about the character of Batman.

    I’ll give it a chance, but I have to say I’m skeptical right now.

  4. Scott K says:

    I would love to see them push the envelope with a story about the rise of Black Mask.

  5. Rosie Connelly says:

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  6. Atte says:

    James, That is one hell of a show if it would happen like that! Great symopsis! I’m hoping for Riddler, Falcones, Ventriloquist and finaly, Joker and Batman.

  7. Austin says:

    Ugh! When will DC stop making all their TV characters act like Batman and just give the fans a Batman show? Heck, I wouldn’t even mind as much if it did focus on Gordon and just had Batman as that shadowy figure he deals with.

  8. I think they could pull this off if they did it right and kind of left Bruce Wayne in the background; I worry about their casting such a young Bruce though. When this was first announced I imagined this would sort of a setting up of the rogue’s gallery while Bruce Wayne was gone from Gotham.

    Season 1 you’d see Gordon trying to track down a mysterious villain who leaves riddles at his crime scenes; he’d eventually be caught and sent to Arkham but before he went away he’d hint at some larger criminal conspiracy to set up season 2. Season 2 you could get into the more traditional mob criminals like Falcone and their relationshop with Gotham; perhaps they use a mysterious new enforcer that waddles like a penguin to commit new acts of criminal terror against Gotham? Season 3 could be about a new cat-burgler who stumbles on some information about the Falcone crime family during one of her robberies; she is forced to work with the police, but does she have her own agenda? Season 4 could be about a bold new district attorney and his rise and fall which culminates in a brutal attack by a strange new villain who wears clown makeup. Also of note, at the end of this season Gotham is pleased to find out that Bruce Wayne has returned. Then in season 5 you’d have Gordon trying to track down this anarchistic villain who is wreaking havoc on the city and, meanwhile, dealing with strange reports of a giant bat causing problems from the criminals of Gotham City, effectively making Batman one of this season’s Big Bads. End the series after season 5, closing image: Bat-signal over Gotham.