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Chris Threw The First Pitch. We Have The Evidence

Our own Chris Hardwick did indeed throw out the first pitch at last night’s Star Wars Night at Dodger Stadium before the Reds-Dodgers game, accompanied by the fine folks of the 501st Legion, portraying characters from the saga. He did great, too.

Proof? You need proof? We got proof. I was there, and I took pictures. Here’s some photographic evidence (click the thumbnails to see ’em full-sized):

Awesome night. Stay tuned — video coming soon, I’m led to believe.  (Also, some more photos went up last night at my Twitter account, and feel free to follow me there) And thanks to the Dodgers and everyone who came out to celebrate all things Star Wars and get the word out about Course of the Force.

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  1. Arie Regan says:

    Did the video every magically appear?

  2. Doug says:

    As both a HUGE Dodger fan and a massive nerd this is a strange and wonderful mixing of two interests (read: obsessions). I have the jealous. I so much the jealous.

  3. Josh says:

    Great job, CH!!!! What a totally awesome experience! THAT’S what I call enjoying your burrito!

    @MelRose no “a’s” at that game — the A’s were busy beating the Redsox Monday July 2. (c; Boo Redsox! Yay Yankees! Yay Chris Hardwick!

  4. Sean K says:

    Missing Kemp and Either definitely hurt the Dodgers more then the absence of Votto from the Reds.

    That’s fine with me though being a Reds fan hour and half from Cincy gotta represent!

  5. Cam says:

    Excellent pics, and good form from Chris. Squee’ing happened!

  6. MelRose says:

    All sorts of adorable. And awesome. Just a bunch of a’s.

  7. Yes, saw (and heard) the beaning, just as I was returning to my seat. Scary. Held my breath for a bit.

    The game? Dodgers missed Kemp more than the Reds missed Votto. Second-tier pitching matchup, no surprises there. Decent crowd for a Monday night. Had Wilson Valdez flashback. Successfully resisted eating anything – except for ice cream. Diet mostly intact. That’s a small victory right there.

  8. Leah says:

    Great job, Chris! It’s my dream to throw out a first pitch surrounded by storm troopers (Yes weirdly specific. I still stand by it)

  9. amysrevenge says:

    Looking forward to video 🙂

  10. Sean K says:

    Didn’t get to see it but did watch the game. How was the baseball experience?

    Also did you happen to see Cozart get drilled in the head with that baseball?