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Chris Hardwick’s ALL-STAR CELEBRITY BOWLING is Heading to TV on AMC!

Chris Hardwick’s ALL-STAR CELEBRITY BOWLING is Heading to TV on AMC!

Put on your best slippery-soled shoes and prepare for a parquet party because All Star Celebrity Bowling is coming to your television screens AMC! That’s right, your favorite Nerdist Channel show has managed to pick up the spare. The Nerdist original series, which is being produced by Nerdist in partnership with High Noon Entertainment and AMC, has been picked up for eight half hour-long episodes by the network that brought you such Chris Hardwick-filled hits as Talking Dead and Talking Bad (and a few award-winning shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead, but who’s counting?).

Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick and Seth Laderman will be executive producing the project alongside High Noon’s Jim Berger and Patrick Jager. The pilot was co-developed with Soapbox Films. One change the show had on the way to the TV boxes is the addition of the Sklar Brothers as hosts! Given Randy and Jason Sklar’s penchant for quick wits and sports knowledge that runs deeper than the Mines of Moria, we think they’re perfect for the job.

The pilot episode features Hardwick and the Nerdist crew going head to head with Jon Hamm and the cast of Mad Men. In a rematch for the ages, Chris has drafted Thomas Lennon (Reno 911!, @midnight), Pete Holmes (You Made It Weird), and the Captain himself, Nathan Fillion, to take their place on the lanes for Team Nerdist. Across the ball return will be their nemeses from Mad Men led by Jon Hamm: Rich Sommer (Harry Crane), Vincent Cartheiser (Pete Campbell), and Jay Ferguson (Stan Rizzo). When last we saw Vincent and Pete, their barbs were vicious and juvenile. Now up that rivalry to primetime and you have an idea of how great this show is going to be.

We’ll have more juicy info for you in the months to come, but for now, just carve out some space on your DVR and sit patiently by your television set until we show your our balls later in 2014. In all seriousness, we are enormously excited to be bringing the madcap gutterball glory of All Star Celebrity Bowling to TV. But don’t take my word for it; take Chris Hardwick’s!

Upon hearing the news, Hardwick said, “WE GOT BOWLING ON TELEVISION. I can’t even express what this means to me. The pilot was a blast to shoot (Nerdist vs Mad Men) and everyone involved made it a fun, smooth process. Thank you to AMC, High Noon, our crack team of Nerdist folk and especially the Sklar Brothers for hosting the shit out of it! I am beyond excited. My dad would have been overjoyed by this news. Go bowling some time, people!!!”

Of their new hosting gig, the always long-winded Randy Sklar had this to say: “So psyched. Thank you.” Geez, Randy, calm down. We get it. You’re excited. We are too.

If nothing else, you can expect more epic moments like this coming your way:


Who would you like to see Chris and his pin pals go frame-for-frame with on the limelight-lit lanes to raise money for charity? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Matt561 says:

    Sadly AMC no longer wants the show. They are sticking with scripted drama. Hopefully another network will pick it up. Maybe comedy central.

  2. kim scharl says:

    Breaking bad vs better call saul! 

  3. kim scharl says:

    When is this going to air?  I can’t wait!  I’ve seen all episodes on you tube multiple times!  Love chris and bowling!  Perfect combination!  

  4. Leslie says:

    It would be hard to pull off, but cast of the IT Crowd (British version) vs. Nerdist. Awesome!

  5. Kyle says:

    Any updates on ASCB? Chris did well for the CP3 Invitational, and have been waiting for this since the Web series finished

  6. Dylan says:

    the cast of psych would be incredible

  7. Lisa says:

    Nerdist vs the fans! Fly out 4 regular non famous people from different places to bowl with some of the coolest nerds ever!! 

  8. Greg G Gould says:

    That’s cool.  When will I be able to buy it on blu-ray?

  9. Greg G Gould says:

    Yeah, that’s cool.  When will I be able to buy it on blu-ray?

  10. Robert says:

    Team Nerdist vs Team Big Bang Theory, but Team Nerdist has to have Wil Wheaton on their team.

  11. Katy says:

    Have Fillion switch sides for Nerdist vs. Firefly…no wait….tearing up here…it still hurts too much!

  12. Kyle says:

    I’m so glad that the show got picked up.  As good as Chris is, the banter that goes on will surely be hilarious.

    I would love to see some of the Hardwick favorites, like Michael Rooker, Jennifer Morrison, Tenacious D, Weird Al…and of course, a LOT of Tom Lennon.  A Reno 911 episode would be hilarious

  13. JennPage says:

    I have been dreaming of this Awesomeness since I saw my first “All Star Bowling” on YouTube…and then made all my friends watch them whenever they came over! (especially Doctor Who and Mythbusters episodes!) Love You Chris Hardwick!! BTW, You have inspired me to go bowling more, and I actually got two strikes in one game! Happiest girl right here! X-D

  14. Jenn Page says:

    I have been dreaming of this Awesomeness since I saw my first “All Star Bowling” on YouTube…and then made all my friends watch them whenever they came over! (especially Doctor Who and Mythbusters episodes!)  Love You Chris Hardwick!!  BTW, You have inspired me to go bowling more, and I actually got two strikes in one game! Happiest girl right here! X-D

  15. Chris P. says:

    Since they’ve already done one with Rooster Teeth, How about some of the guys from Achievement Hunter? I know Geoff and Jack are pretty good bowlers and I’d be nice to see someone actually challenge Hardwick a bit.

  16. Definitely worth seeing Nerdist vs. Marvel! While I know it’d be near impossible to get the big names down, it’d be great seeing Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter cast members like Clark Gregg, Ming Na, Haley Atwell, and Dominic Cooper coming down!

  17. JayK129 says:

    Nerdist vs. Cracked

  18. Congrats!, you guys should have the Comic Book Men on, last season of there show they did this same kinda thing on one episode, they did Comic Book Men vs Clerks Team, it was fun.

  19. Lindsay says:

    I would nerd out over them bowling against some West Wing alums! 

  20. Lynsey says:

    I would love to see them go up against the cast of CSI, Robot Chicken, and Jackass.

  21. Ross says:

    Round up the cast of “Warehouse 13′ for an episode; that might ameliorate my bummed-ness that the series has ended.

  22. Jason says:

    Team Nerdist Vs. Big Bang Theory

  23. SweetLeapingJaysus says:

    Team Nerdist VS. Team Orphan Black!  Make it so, Hardwick.

  24. james says:

    you lost me at “Sklar brothers hosting” don’t find them amusing at all

  25. gpromise3 says:

    Team Nerdist vs The Avengers!

  26. Slider13 says:

    Nerdist vs Game of Thrones

  27. DWolf says:

    Team Nerdist vs Team Doctor! 

  28. I’d love to see Team Nerdist vs The Boys From The Dwarf (Red Dwarf). It’s one of my all time favorite shows & the cast is made up of a great bunch of guys.

  29. Points!!! I’ve eaten through all of the online episodes and can’t wait for more! Leave it to Hardwick to bring bowling back to the masses 🙂

  30. FatherBear says:

    Greg Proops, long time Hardwick friend and can bowl and bring the Who’s Line comics. Drops mic.

  31. DiHard11 says:

    I’m thrilled to see this picked up.  Maybe it’s a program I could actually watch with my Grandparents!

  32. Suebe says:

    Cast of Eureka, Continuum, Warehouse 13, Alphas…Remember those shows from that channel that used to be Scifi?

  33. Heather says:

    I am so excited to see all star celebrity bowling on tv! I have been telling everyone who will listen to watch the YouTube videos. Thank you AMC!

  34. Billy Grow says:

    Team Nerdist vs. Robot Chicken All-Stars (Seth Green, Katee Sackhoff “Bitch Pudding”, Seth McFarland “Emperor Palpatine” plus he is fawsome, & Michelle Trachtenberg “Gummy Bear”)

  35. Billy Grow says:

    Team Nerdist vs. The Walking Dead’s Steven Yuen, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, & Norman Reedus. Of course Andy Lincoln but it’s not likely. REMATCH! ~kinda

  36. Billy says:

    I’m sorry to inform you three of those comedians are dead now.

  37. Billy Grow says:

    It’s really cool how YouTube channels started becoming a legitimate entertainment venue comparable to TV, then in a superb albeit weird serpentine like scenario, the TV is now showing what used to be YouTube videos. #Progress! #Nerdist #TooManyHatchTags

  38. Billy Grow says:

    One of Matt Mira’s fantasies coming to fruition! Goes without saying that must be a Nerdist team member, even-though it will most assuredly ensure a victory for Team Fraser.

  39. Tyler says:

    And please keep the player conversations the same. Don’t overdo the commentary. I like the Sklars, but I watch to see the celebrities and comedians interact. The gameplay is the backdrop.

  40. CeraGriffith says:

    All of them but Todd Glass, implying that I thought he was dead. He is not. He’s very clever that way.

  41. Demko says:

    This might be the best idea I’ve ever heard. LOL

  42. Dan says:

    There are way around that….

  43. emtheaded says:

    Chris’ next target…Strahan!