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Chris Hardwick On “Larry King Now”

Hey, Chris Hardwick was on Larry King’s new online show! Chris schools the suspender-clad one on all things nerd and explains the growth of Nerdist Industries, and you know you want to see it, so… here it is. The version above is from Hulu, which means I have no idea if it’ll work outside the U.S., but if it doesn’t, there’s a little taste below from clips on YouTube, and I can only hope it works in all territories (if not, sorry).

One thing we learn: Larry will be on the Nerdist Podcast. That will be unmissable.

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  1. bonk_p says:

    Larry: Now, what is a zombie?

    My reaction: Wow, that’s either really sad or comforting that they don’t know when they’ve started to turn…

  2. in love with Chris's adam's apple says:

    Oi, think about your UK fans!

  3. Ross says:

    Won’t even play in the US for me with Chromium browser on an Ubantu Linux laptop. Huray DRM.

  4. Junior Lopez says:

    the charades thing with Oliver Stone was awesome! did Larry King already know the answers or is he that much of a bad ass.

  5. Jenny Machete says:

    I wonder why Larry was fixated on what is a nerd. I think he really just wanted to know if he, in fact, is a nerd.

    I also agree Yay for Jonah and his Bing commercial!

  6. ChrisM says:

    Well done you!

  7. Jake says:

    Pete Holmes comment is so funny for the simplicity of it. Calling himself Not Pete Holmes and then signing it Pete Holmes. Hysterical!

    Also Jonah Ray on Bing commercials, hurray.

  8. Vincent S says:

    Even though Chris has been some what vocal about his past on the podcast, for some reason I want to see him do it in another show in a more serious way… too bad I cant watch from Australia.

  9. Burton says:

    You were great, Chris. And Larry King *is* a nerd! To wit: he retired. And he’s spending his retirement interviewing people.

  10. Aaron says:

    Chris, if you check out the comments here, I’d love to get some feedback on this interview (read: interrogation). I can’t tell if he was barraging you with questions and not letting you answer before he spit out the next unrelated question, or their editor is shit, or they tried to truncate it as much as possible to fashion it into a quickly digestible internet piece.

    Whatever the answer is, I can’t help but feel that this is just hard to watch. I want to hear you elaborate, but it’s just so rawly edited and his questions pile up so much, that this really feels like an interrogation.

    Anyway, I am a fan and listen to you on the podcast and have seen you plenty on other talk shows, so I know the answers you would have given had Larry let you answer. I wouldn’t say he’s much of what they call an “active listener”.

  11. SJump says:

    Great interview with Larry King, Chris. You are slowly, but surely, taking over the known universe. It’s fun watching you grow. Thanks.

  12. Mark W, Gray says:

    Wow. Larry King is like the opposite of the Nerdist podcast – All surface info and Zero depth or understanding.

  13. “You know, if you say nice things about Hulu they’ll give 3 free months of service. I mentioned Hulu on my podcast and I got 3 months for free.

    – Pete Holmes.

  14. Scrib says:

    Will TV and the Internet merge? Not until they sort out this region bullshit.

  15. CollinS says:

    It’s cool to see Jonah in the Hulu commercial

  16. Geoff says:

    Definitely does not work in Canada. Not your fault, blame Hulu