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Chris Hardwick On A Whovian “My Drunk Kitchen”

Hannah Hart is celebrating the new half season debut of Doctor Who with a special episode of My Drunk Kitchen, and who better to join her then our own Chris Hardwick? Here you go. What do they cook? WHAT DO YOU THINK? Chris, being the sober one, cuts the fish, which is wise. Also, “I’m a Manta Ray-theist.” As opposed to a Martha Raye-theist? A Jonah Ray-theist? Okay, I’ll stop now.

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  1. Brandi says:

    I wasn’t paying attention to the beginning but now I realize Chris was finding pictures of Chloe. 🙂

  2. Marcus says:

    Since you just had Nick Offerman on the podcast, here’s a nice tie-in explaining who “she” from “that’s what she said” fame is.

  3. Mandy W. says:

    Such a delight! And holy crap check out the guns on Hardwick!

  4. Alan Carroll says:

    This made me inappropriately happy.

  5. ZOMG! This made my day awesome.

  6. Chad H says:

    at 2:10 Chris stares down the wine either out of want or disgust :p but seriously I’d love to watch the whole thing uncut start to finish.

  7. MischaD says:

    …and I got so excited, I misspelled Chris’s last name. Nerd fail. Sorry.


  8. This is the most fantastic woman I have ever seen!

  9. MischaD says:

    This just made my week!

    My Drunk Kitchen! Fancy titles! Doctor Who! Chris Harwick! I love it when my worlds collide! It’s almost too much for my delicate constitution.

    And Chris, WELL DONE! I think you are the only person in all of space and THYME who could hold his own with Hannah and her puns!

    …and now I’m going to watch this again…