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Chris Hardwick Melts an iPhone 5 on “Wrecknology”

Chris Hardwick is on the latest episode of Machinima’s Wrecknology and, with host Bruce Greene, melts an iPhone 5 in acid.

I really don’t know what additional information you need to watch this. Granted, things don’t go as spectacularly as you might have expected right out of the box. But there’s a dissolving Eggo waffle, too, so it’s all good.

Hardwick is a serial iPhone destroyer, having wrecked an iPhone 4 before this. Gotta love his protective clothing, too. “Sad welder,” indeed. And whatever you do, don’t breathe when the cloud comes your way.

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  1. Diana says:

    We in the Midwest do get discriminated against for regional stuff… 🙂

    Thanks for the link, Perry! That worked for me!

  2. Not giving me the “private” message here; if you’re having that problem, try going here:

    But it should be working here (I’m not aware of any region restrictions).

  3. Gaby A. says:

    This is sooooo beautifuly…*sniff* Thank you from the android community.

  4. Christian B says:

    This video says it’s “private”. Why is it telling me that. I know Chris and crew wouldn’t have posted it unless they wanted the public to consume it like a gourmet meal. Please fix Mr/Ms. Webmaster person.

  5. Diana says:

    Anyone else getting a message that the video is marked as private?

  6. farleyk says:

    When I was a kid, we, after that lizardy Star Trek episode and a bit of looking things up, decided to make some gunpowder. Being about the age of 8 or 9, we strolled into a drug store and asked the guy for some sulphur, saltpeter, and charcoal powder. He looked at us for a bit, laughed, and tossed us out.
    I picture the same scenario here, only the chemical store guy (ChemMart?) looks at you and says “Hey, wait a minute, you kids aren’t by any chance trying to dissolve an iPhone, are you?”. But since you’re not a little kid, you provide a plausible excuse, like ant infestation, and you get the stuff. Madness ensues.
    By the way, don’t worry, we did get all the stuff for gunpowder, we just had to do the buying at three different places. The final product was kind of crappy, though. Which, looking back, is probably lucky for us.

  7. Grabnorg says:


  8. Max says:

    This was so irresponsible. That HF could destroy the calcium channels in your nerves, and quite possibly kill:

    Never do that again, guys.