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Chris Hardwick Gives Good After Show with DOCTOR WHO: AFTER WHO

Doctor Who is back, and our fearless leader Chris Hardwick was also back with an exciting new after show After Who! If you missed it last night, Hardwick had celebrity guests and panels on to discuss the show viewers just got to see, and get their opinions on the happenings in the Whoniverse. We were on set for the taping, and while we won’t spoil any episode plot points for here, if you’re living up a mountain with no access to any sort of streaming service or cable, we have a review you can check out to catch yourself up.

The panel of guests was so impressive that there was barely a need for the crew to encourage the audience to cheer. Hardwick’s guests included Doctor Who writer (and Sherlock’s big brother Mycroft) Mark Gatiss, Sontaran Strax’s alter ego Dan Starkey, The Middlemen‘s Natalie Morales, and our pals Wil Wheaton and Alton Brown.



Our favorite moments of After Who’s first waltz with post-Matt Smith’s Doctor included Gatiss’s coy refusal to succumb to audience begging for a Wholock special (that’s a Doctor Who/Sherlock mash-up in case you didn’t know); Starkey-channeling-Strax’s perfect Sunday which includes protein-rich kittens and a lot of grenades; Brown’s recipe for poached Dalek; Wheaton’s call for Neil Gaiman to write a Dalek episode; and Hardwick’s “BBCMURICA!” mid-show. But by far, this writer has to agree with Natalie Morales’s assessment of Peter Capaldi as Twelve: It’s the eyebrows. They’re very, very impressive.



After Who was shot in New York City on Saturday night. In addition to the panel and banter, viewers were treated to a behind the scenes interview with Jenna Coleman, some of the best Doctor Who cosplay around, and some of the best commentary from the internet thanks to BBC America’s crack team of social media pros who were all outfitted in Team Adipose jerseys. (Tell us where to buy one of those, BBC America!)

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  1. Rachael says:

    omg please tell me there will be more specials like this lol i love watching talking dead so having one like that for dw would be awesome

  2. krabb says:

    I really enjoyed the After Show, but I think a few things got missed. I have to admit I have now watched “Deep Breath” four times so I have been able to stop and listen to what’s actually being said.

    Possible “Spoilers” ahead.

    I think one thing that was mentioned in a very low key manner was a few lines when Clara and the Doctor were talking in the restaurant. They had an interchange about where he got the clothes. He told Clara that he traded his watch for it. She said oh but you love that watch. I think that it’s the fob watch from the Family Blood and Utopia. Clara would not know the significance of the watch and the Doctor is still figuring things out. I think the fob watch is going to show back up and it will lead to the answer to how the Doctor can have the same face as Frobisher and Caecillius.

    It seems serendipity that Moffat found the fan who created an opening sequence with clock parts.
    I also don’t think that Danny Pink is going to be a romantic interest for Clara. I actually think that’s a red herring. My first impression was that the whole long rapid fire speech that Clara made to Vastra dropped a few ideas. She said that the only pin up she had growing up was Marcus Aurelius and that she wasn’t interested in any of the pretty boys. She also tells them that if there was any face she was interested in it would be in this room. The next thing that Clara says is that she thinks it’s Vastra whose head is being turned. I’ve gone back and forth on this, but tonight I listened to Clara’s speech over and over with my eyes closed so the I could concentrate and I’m pretty sure that’s what she said. The last idea that clinches it for me is also the part which made me doubt my idea. When Strax examines Clara and describes the pretty boys in her subconscious. She says enough of that. Since Strax met Clara he has called her boy. Dum de Dum Dum. The very last scene in the Tardis also has the Doctor saying the idea of him being her boyfriend came from his head and not hers.

    I do however agree with everyone’s conclusions about who Missy is. I think if you listen to what she says instead of how she looks the dialog all works for her being a regeneration of the Master. I also believe that if you look closely at her costume there are clues there that will probably be more obvious as time goes on.

    Her dialog sounds like the Master when you close your eyes and just listen to the words.
    I also can’t help but remember Steve Moffat describing with glee how he wrote the script for Matt Smith’s first episode and was told he needed to change it because it was too much David Tennant, then later people congratulated him on the changes he made to it so people wouldn’t see only David Tennant. I can’t forget the grin on his face when he said in the interview that he didn’t change a word. This would certainly quiet the people who hemmed and hawed because they thought the Doctor should be a women. 
    I have to hand it to Steven Moffat. I did not think he was going to successfully make the transition from Matt’s Doctor to Peter’s Doctor. I was a great fan of Torchwood and did not think he would be able to resolve Forbisher with the Doctor. I thought the only thing he had going for him was that the Doctor did not appear in Torchwood. I am impressed. I think after this premiere that he has left us a long and windy bread crumbs from the old doctor to the new doctor. You don’t need to worry about having long story arcs when the trail of bread crumbs is fun to follow (… Matt’s Doctor couldn’t “get the parts” to fix handles…LOL ).

    Even if I’m wrong, well it’s so fun to speculate. So much fun to watch.

    • Ahjin says:

      The watch in question is not the phob watch. 10 gave that away at the end of Utopia. As for Missy being the Master, we’ll I’m as convinced.  I clearly recall the Master being pulled back to Gallifrey with the President of the time lords at the end of End of Time part 2.

  3. Cortney Palmacci says:

    Was this a one time thing? I checked the listings after next week’s ep and there is no listing. We need address people!

  4. Laurie Best says:

    Attached this comment to the wrong story fist time so here goes again.  So much fun to watch Chris and Will having such a blast doing what must be a dream job.  I told a friend I thought they were having a “Who-gasm”!  I know I was!

  5. Teenygozer says:

    My Tivo screwed up the channel-change and saved me a documentary on Cab Calloway instead.  I enjoyed the documentary but would have liked to have seen the special!

  6. I’m with Mark Gatiss – no “Who/Sherlock crossover. Sherlock is a high functioning sociopath with narcissistic tendencies – if he was presented with something that proved that there are bigger things in the universe then himself than would have no other choice but to tie a millstone around his neck and and take a running jump into the river Thames.
    I love both shows – Peter Capaldi was great last night and I like the new “Who” direction – I’d hate to see both shows to be cheapened with a senseless – gratuitous , Flintstones/Jetsons-esque crossover.

  7. Thors Mann says:

    So, can we make this an every week thing, like Talking Dead?

  8. I thought it would be called Talk-ter Who.

  9. Vallentyne says:

    Don’t tease us poor Canadians who don’t get to see it. Now I’m just sad.

  10. I thought Chris was Great !

  11. Kami82 says:

    omg, Alton Brown! Please put this online somewhere, would love to watch it

  12. Angele says:

    Will it be shown in Canada or be available online?

  13. LucasVsZombies says:

    Any chance us Brits might be able to see this?

  14. LizzieB says:

    Are they going to be live every week?

  15. DiHard11 says:

    “You can catch future After Who episodes on Saturday nights after new episodes of Doctor Who.”  Oh really? I like the sound of that!

  16. Birdhaus95 says:

    I thought the after show was great … why aren’t they doing it every week like “Talking Dead”?