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Chicken Monkey Duck!
Phirm Releases Solo Album!

My bestest pal in the whole world, Mike Phirman (the other half of Hard ‘n Phirm), has released a super kick-ass solo comedy/music album. Mike is a friggin genius and the album is fantastic. Entitled The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Write (Part 1), it really has a classic comedy album feel, with a seamless mix of music and sketch. Plus, Phirman plays EVERY DAMN INSTRUMENT on it.

The above song, “Chicken Monkey Duck” is the first official single (as it has the first video) but the music styles cover a wide range of genres, all of which Phirman hilariously nails. The album has a wonderful flow, so it’s best to just get the whole thing, throw on some headphones and listen to it start to finish. I particularly love “Clear the Floor,” “Irony & Wine,” and the “Beginner Spanish” lessons. Also listed for a super rad cameo in “Street Meat.”

The album is available at and costs as much as you’re willing to pay (a la Radiohead’s In Rainbows). I recommend paying anywhere from $10-$1000, as all of the proceeds go to the “Mike Phirman’s Wife Just Had a Baby” Fund.

Also, follow his damn funny tweets on @phirm. Well done, Mikey!

PS – we’re still making Hard ‘n Phirm songs, so please don’t think we’ve gone the way of Loggins & Messina, the Dodo and New Coke.

Image: Mike Phirman

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  1. Holy CRAP! I’ve been looking for this song since I saw you guys in Philly! I swear I peed a bit when I saw it live. BTW, I’m the guy who gave you the Asteroids Shirt.

  2. FrankLemonjello says:

    I HAVE to get that album. That song will be the greatest start to the day.

    Man, I can see it now… Wake up, flip on the computer, and fire up some Chicken Monkey Duck. The rest of the day, perfection.

  3. Jack-Henry Behncke says:

    That’s amazing! You should make some more songs with him some time!

  4. Ben @SpaghettiJesus says:

    Re: Your post-script on Hard & Phirm. To be fair to those other things that mysteriously vanished in the night, they were horrible, evil concoctions which drove some to insanity and ultimately suicide. Hard & Phirm is an exceedingly entertaining and musically talented group who bring people joy and help school children cheat on extra credit math questions which ask them to name the 30th numeral of pi.

  5. courtney says:

    beware the uncontrollable head-bounce effect

  6. mRuss says:

    You got the name of the album by your best friend wrong,
    it’s actually: “The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Record (Part 1)”

    but you’re on TV, so it’s ok.
    Plus he’s probably still your friend.

  7. Aaron says:

    That was so simple yet so brilliant all at the same time

  8. Deltus says:

    That’s the best song involving chickens, monkeys, and ducks that I have ever heard in my life!!!

  9. Patti says:

    Thanks for posting the link, Chris. Love the video!! So funny! I will definitely have to pick up the cd once I can scrape together fundage. I’m a member of “we’re on unemployment and have an extra 20-year old living with us” club. *I have a 20-year old son, and his friend is living with us* I also have a 27-year old special needs guy, a rad guitar-playing hubby and a Maltese. Houseful!!

  10. John Book says:

    Nothing wrong with Loggins & Messina, acknowledge your inner “I’m Alright” and kill the potential “Vox Humana”. At least Messina has Poco and Buffalo Springfield to fall back on, and it is HIS voice that made Loggins & Messina a one-hit wonder to most.

    Anyway, I will check out this video and album.