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Chewbacca Mating Call: Best Pick-Up Line Ever?

Um, someone just found her favorite new show! I never thought I would sing the praises of TLC after they brought Jon and Kate Gosselin into the world, but this program, Geek Love, looks kind of amazing. Reality television has bombarded us with show after show of boring (I mean normal) and good looking (I mean averagely attractive) people looking for love. But for those interested in watching people with actual personalities (albeit offbeat) find romance, Geek Love is for you.

And even if you normally thumb your nose at reality television, this trailer will be the best 2.5 minutes of your day.

Premiere party at my place?!






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  1. Lucy says:

    I was a little wary of the concept but after watching the trailer I have to watch at least the first episode. Because it is really hard to find people who understand you and the bar scene does not work. I am cautiously optimistic that this won’t be horrifically cringe-inducingly awkward.

  2. Ben Z says:

    I must watch this show. However, I have a few thoughts.

    First, I highly doubt it was a Chewbacca mating call. A wookie mating call for sure, but specifically, Chewbacca’s? Either he’s got it down pat or he gets negative nerd credits.

    Second, @Benjamin, yes, nerdgasm is a noun. It can also be a verb depending on how it is used. Just like orgasm works for both.

    Third, @ Rob, I agree.

  3. Rob says:

    You had me @ Boba Fett speed dating.

    This should be the vetting process by which we vet celebrities who claim to be geeks.

  4. Daryck says:


  5. Cat says:

    So in love with everything about this show!

  6. Benjamin says:

    Nerdgasm isn’t a noun

  7. Gary Bravender says:

    Well I guess there’s got to be someone out there for everybody! and if this works for them….Why not?…………….P.S. I’ll come over for a premiere party,Should I bring something white?red? or green?