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Celebrity Confrontations, People In Unitards, And Working Overtime: What We Learned At Nerdist This Week

Normally, on Friday evening, I write a little column here to introduce the weekly rundown of what happened on during the week, and I planned to do so this week as well. See, normally, Friday afternoons are slow all around, so I can leisurely write stuff for both of the websites where my stuff appears and be done in time to kick back and relax for a few hours.

That didn’t happen today, because there was a lot of news out in the scary real world, and I had to write about it for the other site. By the time I was done with the radio news and the general news and the sports news (Nnamdi!), this post loomed as the only thing between me and blessed freedom.

So… oh, hell, let’s just go to the rundown:

1. We started the week with the Doctor Who Series 6 second half trailer. Hitler is involved. You will watch.

2. Kyle reviewed the latest episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day. I’m not watching it, because I don’t have Starz and don’t have the energy to find, ahem, other means to see it right now. I’ll trust Kyle to guide me through.

3. Look who’s doing a live taping of the podcast on August 6th: the cast and creators of The Guild. You want to be there. And you can be there.

4. Kumail and Ali welcomed Pete Holmes and our own Emily V. Gordon (the V stands for VICTORY!) on the latest edition of The Indoor Kids. Had an adorable little family thing going there.

5. Kiala told the story of how Seth Green yelled at her at Comic-Con, wanting to know why he hasn’t been on the podcast yet. But, as we now know, he will be. Oh, he will indeed be.

6. We found out from Ted that Omar Little from The Wire — Michael K. Williams — and John Goodman will be on Community this season, playing faculty members. That show just keeps on being wonderful.

7. We got to hear the Matt Smith-Karen Gillan-Wil Wheaton podcast, and it was good.

8. Lara, the musician who usually plays video game music on the violin, sat down at the piano and played the Nyan Cat theme and a Rebecca Black medley, all at the same time. The whole was indeed greater than the sum of its parts.

9. Researchers in Hong Kong said they’d proven that time travel is impossible. You begged to differ.

10. Buncha It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia news came out. Pregnancies and bobbleheads galore. Plus Day Man, live!

11. Patrick drew our attention to the Humble Indie Bundle of games. Pay what you want, get DRM-free games, help a charity. Win-win.

12. Danny showed us the winner of a contest that handed entrants six lines to use in three minutes, involving a unicorn. The winning video is pretty excellent.

13. Chris posted a picture of Seth Green taking a picture of himself with Chris. See? Everyone’s friends.

14. Riki Lindhome’s Making It podcast welcomed her Garfunkel and Oates partner Kate Micucci for a discussion of how Kate made it from being discouraged by teachers in Pennsylvania to success in Hollywood (and a million commercials along the way).

15. Another inventive OK Go video surfaced, this one really requiring Google Chrome to do its thing. Lots of little windows, things moving all over the place, people in unitards… okay, maybe the unitards were a little much, but it IS pretty impressive. The video, that is.

16. Anjeanette related the sad tale of the couple in China who allegedly sold their kids for video game money. Do I have to tell you not to follow suit?

17. Our investing maven Jon returned with a great idea for practicing your federal budget fixing prowess, American Public Media’s Budget Hero website. YOU wouldn’t have waited until the last minute to fix things, would you?

18. Kyle tore into upcoming action movie trailers in another installment of “Dissecting Trailers.”

19. Matthew G. and Becca had a few words with Owen Pallett, who contributed a cover of The Strokes’ “Hard to Explain” for Stereogum’s Is This It tribute compilation.

20. Becca previewed Donald Glover… er, Childish Gambino’s new LP. It’s called Camp. You will want it.

21. There’s a new NerdMelt website. Bookmark it and check it out.

22. New feature! Matthew G. and Becca are picking their “Music Geek Track of the Week,” and this week it was Unknown Mortal Orchestra with “How Can You Luv Me?” Because you love hearing new music, and we love bringing it to you.

23. Our new comedy correspondent Jake Kroeger raised the issue of jokes after tragedy, the “too soon” conundrum. Yes, there are some Amy Winehouse jokes out there if you look for them, but people don’t seem to be ready to look for them yet.

24. Another Nerdist Podcast: Todd Glass. You will be hearing more of Todd on his own podcast from Nerdist Industries very soon.

25. Danny alerted you to the live season finale of We’re Alive. It’s on Saturday. It has zombies. You like zombies.

That, I think you’ll agree, was a lot. And you can look forward to more in coming weeks, including Todd’s podcast and some new features here. For now, though, it’s the weekend, and the weekend is most definitely Burrito Time. Remember, no matter how busy you get, it’s important to savor the free time you have. And there’s always time for a burrito. Enjoy yours.

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  1. Josh says:

    @2 If you have netflix instant streaming you can watch Miracle day live on starz through starz play on netflix.

    Netflix -> Starz Play -> Live Starz Channel. Then you can watch 🙂