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Episode 8: Cashing In with T.J. Miller
Ferris Wheel Santa

Cashing in with T.J. Miller #8: Ferris Wheel Santa

Cash and T.J. discuss hitting on girls in motion, cheesy disc jockeys, Texas wing men, Korean fire drills, monocle revivals, shooting sprees, and French-type people, and ask the question, “Should ‘Poemos’ be allowed to marry?”

This controversial episode has been banned in France, but is #1 in the UK and/or Syria….

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Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in THE DARK KNIGHT Interrogation Scene


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  1. Charlotte says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more, TJ.
    Poemosexuality is rife here in Australia too. Next thing they’ll be demanding the right to adopt children. Not that I have anything against them, in fact alot of my friends are poemosexual. I don’t mind as long as they don’t try to hit on me. And of course I wouldn’t leave them alone with my children.
    All we normal people can do is hope they see the error of their ways and snap out of it. And in the meantime keep praying to the Good Holy Lord our Father to forgive them so’s they may one day enter the Kingdom of Heaven

  2. Raymond says:

    “People call me a poemophobe”.

    Holy devil dick! That was good.

  3. tyler says:

    you guys didn’t even rate a snack. WTF?

  4. Allen says:

    Here’s one pomo who listens every week.

  5. Spencer says:

    I’m a disappointment to my family.

  6. Alec says:

    OK, so you don’t like French phrases and don’t like “shit happens,” either. What about a combination of the two? Does “c’est la vie” wrap around on the awfulness scale and become cool again?

  7. highwyre237 says:

    Hey Cash, its about time you got TJ on the show, the past few have been horrible.

  8. anthony pickett says:

    Love The show been watching forever. Triple banger is my favorite part. Your guest Tj was a breath of fresh air on the show. Question, to Pho or not to Pho?