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Episode 64: Cashing In with T.J. Miller
Jenga Jerky

Cashing in with T.J. Miller #64: Jenga Jerky

Cash and TJ talk about Tex Mex, cola wars, bulbous face, glosters, aging blankets, thin littles, drum circles, Elton John, fun juggers, toothless alligators, and blue emus, and ask the question, “Where would you put your Oscar?”

Listen to this episode in the Wingman State while reading a copy of Bus Weekly, it will make you purrr……

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  1. Hot and Buttery says:

    I’m a well-rounded man with sophisticated tastes, but I can’t remember the last thing that made me laugh as hard as (paraphrasing) “My dick is like a footlong hotdog, that’s been mostly eaten”.

  2. Alec says:

    I am shocked- SHOCKED that Cashing In is cashing in with a sponsor. The 12.5 listeners must be a very desirable demographic.

  3. anti-christ says:

    The girls and I were looking for a night with podcast form TJ when Levy forced his unwanted fails at jokes inside us. We reported it to a police sketch artist saying “he looked like the most unfunny hack alive” and we came up with Cash Levy’s bald head. Go Dodgers!

  4. TJ Miller is hilarious. but Cash Levy is terrible at comedy. TJ directly tell him when he beats dead, unfunny horse hack jokes. There’s a reason TJ has a career while Levy doesn’t even have that-guy-from-that-thing status. I should actually thank Levy — he lets me know literally ANYONE can claim to be comedian.

  5. hmdy says:

    i really needed this tasty hot buttery pod

  6. StonersGuideTo says:

    woohoo – thanks for posting the link – we LOVE your hot tasty pod!

  7. JORSH says:

    That’s when you post the link, friend!!

  8. Name says:

    never mind found it on libsyn

  9. Name says:

    theres no file to download