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A few months ago, ABC president Paul Lee revealed the rumors were true and the network was indeed in the active process of developing a new Marvel series centered on Hayley Atwell’s Captain America: The First Avenger character, Peggy Carter. Since that time, there hasn’t been much news speak of. (Kyle reported on the show most recently in January when the showrunners were hired.) That is, until now, as Collider took a moment to sit down with Captain America: The Winter Soldier writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely to get the skinny on the new show:

So there are a few interesting tidbits here:

1) The first season will be set in 1946. So this is more cold war Peggy than World War II Peggy.

2) Haley Atwell is involved and ready to jump into television. This is great news, as she’s arguably the best part of The First Avenger outside of Steve Rogers himself, and her one shot is fantastic.

3)  Markus and McFeely wrote the pilot script in addition to having Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters of Reaper fame show run if the project goes to series. This means the voice of the character will remain consistent across the medium jump.

4) The team is currently planning for a season that runs as a limited series event of 13 episodes that would continue with a brand new story set in 1947 and so on should it continue. Limited series events are all the rage right now, so that’s absolutely the best way to approach a show this ambitious.

5) Howard Stark would be a recurring character and Dominic Cooper is interested in coming back. The goal is to keep the show “the Peggy Carter show” and not make it a buddy-drama, thus explaining why Stark wouldn’t be a series regular.

All of this has the makings of a great series. All we can do now is sit back and hope news of a pilot order comes soon.

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  1. Ben Delano says:

    Dude, between this and the Defenders series, there is so much awesome in store for Phase 3! I’m still loving AoS. I don’t care ’bout all you haters out there, the show is hitting it’s stride now. Worldbuilding complete, commence with action. So when all these series hit home video I’ll be buying them too, Marvel will have all my money.