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Can Your Stomach Handle These STRANGER THINGS Recipes?

Shhh, do you hear that? That low growling, deep rumble, almost animalistic cry? No, it’s not a Demogorgon… It’s your stomach — and your hunger is begging to be satisfied.

No need to string up the Christmas lights, Netflix Kitchen has come up with two tasty yet terrifying Stranger Things inspired recipes to quell your inner demon. French Onion Barb is a savory french onion soup that is topped off with a baked Barb who looks absolutely horrified as if she knows what’s about to come next. Her bread face is topped with layers upon layers of swiss cheese then bruleed with a torch until peak Barb-ness is achieved. (I.E. she’s dead. Barb’s dead, let it go.)


If demonic soup isn’t your thing, there’s always pie. Netflix also offers up a Demogorgan Pie, a sweet alternative to a bitter end. The takeaway from this recipe is that Demogorgans taste like a mix of pumpkin and berries. Didn’t see that one coming, did you? It’s enough to make me want to call up Winona on a land line and ask, “Why? Why that combo? Why not a nice pecan or banoffee pie?” Who knows. What’s created in the Upside Down remains a mystery.

Demogorgan petals are created with pastry dough and lovingly hand-placed almonds. Like a lot, I mean A LOT of almonds. Once the pie is baked and served, it’s strung with threads of caramel like an evil croquembouche.

These dishes are a great way to bide your time waiting for season 2 of Stranger Things. While you’re at it, serve them up with a crushed beer can to pour one out for poor ol’ Barb.

Get the full recipes for French Onion Barb and Demogorgon Pie on Netflix’s YouTube channel.

What Stranger Things foods would you like to eat? Let us know in the comments and tag @nerdist and @justjennrecipes on Instagram to show us your Demogorgan-themed eats!

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Images: Netflix
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