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C Chris @ C2E2 Friday

Are you going to C2E2 in Chicago this weekend? If you are, you’ll have some opportunities to see Chris Hardwick himself on Friday, and you’ll want to know how and where. So, here’s how and where:

First, Chris will be signing autographs on Friday at Booth #106. He’s scheduled to be signing from 3 to 4 pm. After that, make sure you don’t miss the Nerdist Industries Live panel on Friday at 4:15 pm in the IGN Theater, because, well, it’s Chris, it’s Alison Haislip, it’s Legendary Comics Editor-in-Chief Bob Schreck, and it’s going to feature talk about everything we’re up to at Nerdist and then some. And there’ll be some exciting-announcement action, so be there and you’ll get a scoop. Plus, judging by our past panels, it’ll be a lot of fun. So, go.

C2E2 has become a pretty huge event, so if you can make it to Chicago for any of it, get all the information by clicking here (get tickets by clicking here) and then head on over to the North Building at McCormick Place, which will be packed with interesting stuff to see and do and buy. Sounds like an ideal weekend….

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I was there! Shipmates!

  2. three toes of fury says:

    Chris….i’ll be there…woot!….unfortunately i may not make it to the signing booth as i may be:

    1) caught up in a heated haggling negotiation over a rare Archie digest which features betty and veronica reenacting the Russian roulette scene from The Deer Hunter.

    2) doing my [email protected] to convince Val Kilmer (also there today) to seriously consider doing a sequel to Top Secret and Real Genius. Sweet tap dancing cool would that be?!?

    3) desperately seeking Stormtrooper Elvis for a photo op.

    4) wearing a Stan Lee mask and screaming “Excelsior!” non stop.

    5) vexed and confused by the con layout and crowd, get frustrated, leave, and days later realize i was at the wrong McCormic place building and had actually attended Chicago’s Annual Needlepoint, Macrame, Quilting, and Bondage festival. Thou i do love the fleece throw blanket i picked up from Grammy Gimp.

    6) filming the ULTIMATE revenge movie: 1) A bunch of childhood bullies, now grown up in their early 40s, receive special invites to “lunch with the Chicago Bears” at hall Q of McCormic Place. 2) they show up, collect in the hall (which is decorated in sports paraphernalia), and are surprised when the hall door locks and the room fills with gas. 3) they awake, bound, to find themselves surrounded by the kids they used to torment, now grown and attending the Con, who’ve paid a healthy sum to do with them as they will. Its kind of like Hostel meets Revenge of the Nerds. I’ll also work a shit-ton of retro references to Atari 2600, School House Rock, and the “hanker for a hunka cheese” cartoon dude.

    Peace .n. {in my best shatner voice} “COOOOOOOOON!”


  3. Venus says:

    Aww dangit!! Wish they would be there on Sat!! I know they are doing the podcast, but I just wanted to say hi & thanks for all the great things they’ve done for us nerds!!

  4. I can’t wait to see Chris…Good Times A Comin’!!