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Buy “Chris Hardwick: Mandroid.” Or Win It. Or Both.

mandroidCDYou’ve seen the cover art and its development. You’ve enjoyed the preview clip. And, now, you can buy the DVD and/or the CD of Chris Hardwick: Mandroid, the unexpurgated version of his Comedy Central special which includes additional material not in the version aired on TV plus two bonus Hard ‘n’ Phirm songs. You should buy them now.

But you might also win a Chris Hardwick: Mandroid DVD AND CD AND a 16″x20″ poster of the cover art if you enter Nerdist News’ giveaway right now. Yes! Five lucky entrants will win this prize package, and it could be you! And it’s easy: Just click here, enter your email address (which signs you up for the Nerdist News email newsletter, which you want to get, if you aren’t already signed up), and that’s it. You can get additional entries through Nerdist News’ Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages; all the details and official rules are on the entry page. Go, enter. You have until January 29th. That’s a week from now. Get a move on.

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  1. adamjcohn says:

    your the nerd version of eddie murphy’s delirious

  2. MisiFaye says:

    Who would have thought I could not think of three friends email let alone EVEN ONE……. because I realize it’s TOO SLOW of a way to get in touch. I have FB and twitter and other than that get me on the phone…… and that’s how I do my friends unless they have been IN my email adress book for like two to three years…. WOW.

  3. boB says:

    Entered!!!! I’m totally not going to win this thing, and will be forced to BUY it like the rest of you schlubs. Woohoo!!!

  4. bob says:

    @Ali – Keep your humble opinion to yourself. You’re the definition of a troll with that crap.

  5. Ali says:

    The AV Club gave this album a B+, which I find extremely generous. References, in and of themselves, hardly equal hilarity. There’s not enough comedy meat on those reference bones, in my humble opinion.

  6. combatkarl says:

    Just downloaded the iTunes tracks. Hooolarious stuff! Off to get the DVD now. 😀 *happy dance*

  7. some other poor unfortunate soul... :-) says:

    I accept your yielding!


  8. My copy of the DVD came in the Amazon box today! So I will yield my probably lucky entry into the contest to some other poor unfortunate soul…:-)

  9. Julio says:

    I sure do like winning things.