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Bullets Go Boom When Thrown Into Molten Aluminum

WARNING: Do not attempt anything you see in this video. The lack of safety procedures is incredibly irresponsible.

When it comes to The Backyard Scientist, we are starting to wonder how much longer we can call him by that moniker instead of The Backyard Lunatic, because in his newest video he decided to throw a bunch of bullets into molten aluminum, which is kind of, maybe, possibly not the safest “experiment” in the world.

In this video we first saw at Sploid, he did try to show that a heated up and “fired” free standing bullet, without the barrel of a gun to help build up pressure and concentrate the energy, isn’t anymore dangerous than an air soft gun (unless the cartridge gets press up against something), but we don’t want to be hit with one of those either, so don’t go lighting bullets on fire.

Sure of his safety — his only protective measure were goggles and he was doing this without a blast shield — he then added bullets to molten pewter (by tossing them the way you’d throw a balled up piece of paper into a wastebasket at work). The first one actually bounced out of the metal and then exploded in midair, which admittedly looked cool, but the next one really set off the metal, which filled the yard and covered his GoPro.

Then, for his big finale, he threw a handful of bullets (from way too close) into a pan of molten aluminum, and it resulted in two things: one) a silver explosion that looked great in slow-motion, and two) liquid metal everywhere, including one piece that went through his shirt.

Like we said, don’t try this yourself. Too many things can go wrong. Leave it to the professionals…and the backyard lunatics.

What would you like to see him try dropping into aluminum next? Tell us in the comments below.

Images: The Backyard Scientist

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