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Good news, Whovians (or for those who don’t like fun, Doctor Who fans); you can sleep in on Sunday morning of San Diego Comic-Con this year. Bad news? It’s because there will be no Doctor Who panel at the 2014 bash of the queue-waiters, in Hall H or otherwise.

A source at BBC America has confirmed to me that there will not be a panel for our favorite time travel adventure program after it was noticed that the blurb for late-summer’s world tour would see the American debut of Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, which would be about a month after Comic-Con. Why? Because the show will still be shooting! The season is scheduled to wrap in early August, just in time for the 7 city, 5 continent, 12 day world tour extravaganza. The tour launches in the UK on August 7 and finishes in Brazil on August 19. On August 14th, New York City will be home to one of the stops, so NYC people, get ready for that.

The official word is this:
Doctor Who’s cast and creators will not be in attendance at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014. They are currently in production until August on the upcoming season – 12 all new back-to-back episodes. Given the unprecedented success of the global event around the 50th Anniversary, BBC AMERICA and BBC Worldwide will launch the first-ever Doctor Who world tour in August to celebrate the new chapter of the series starring Peter Capaldi.

While this is a bit of a bummer for fans of Doctor Who who had hoped to see a clip at the very least, if not appearances from cast and crew, I’m sure other BBC America programs like Orphan Black and the upcoming Intruders will be represented. And there will still be a BBC America booth with what I’m sure will be lots of Doctor Who goodies.

It’ll only be a few weeks until there’s new Who to watch anyway. Isn’t that enough to keep you excited?

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  1. ally says:

    what about the TARDIS????

  2. Nina says:

    Kind of a relief but sad not to see Peter during his first year. Last year the panel started lining up at 1 pm the day before… it should be illegal. 

  3. melissa says:

    what about NYCCC? id be okay with that

  4. You know… they’re entirely welcome to come to DRAGONCON instead of SDCC this year.  We’re on Labor Day weekend.  (First weekend in September)  If anyone seeing this thread has the means, then bring it to the Who staff’s attention.  Ask Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy about it.  We treat em right!

    • Katy says:

      Dragoncon is the last weekendin August this year due to the fact due to how Mondays in Septbwrfall this year. 

  5. CJ says:

    But there will still be fan-run Doctor Who panels! There is one Sunday at 11am!!

  6. sdgeekery says:

    I’m actually kind of happy about this. I remember having to wake up really early on Sunday (third day in a row) to sit through three panels to catch the Doctor Who panel. Completely worth it but I now have a free day at the Con Sunday.

  7. Ranea says:

    One of the only reasons I go. Now I can not only sleep in, I can stay home. So there. 

  8. Bwall says:

    I’m a new Whovian too!! Nooo!