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Breaking Dead: Is BREAKING BAD a WALKING DEAD Prequel?

Is it possible Breaking Bad‘s Jesse and Walt were somehow responsible for the The Walking Dead‘s apocalyptic zombie outbreak? Even if Vince Gilligan’s meth saga has come to an end, its impact is being felt on AMC’s gory zombie series, with Easter eggs here and there hinting at a shared universe (and characters), reaching back to the very first season of The Walking Dead.


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The season four episode of The Walking Dead, “Still,” sees Daryl recounting an anecdote about his brother Merle’s dealer. And his description sounds like a certain short, bald meth dealer out of New Mexico.

Speaking of Merle’s stash, season two sees Daryl’s big brother’s bag of drugs making an appearance as the group attempts to deal with T-Dog’s fever. And at the bottom of the bag? Does that look like a bunch of blue crystals?


But it all starts with Walt’s shiny pair of wheels in season four, a Dodge Charger which Skyler made him return so that his new ride wouldn’t draw attention to the family business. Well, guess what is the name of the general manager of the dealership? That’s right, everyone’s favorite fleet-footed survivor, Glenn, who is seen driving the same car in the first season of The Walking Dead.

The biggest surprise here is that Glenn was a general manager of anything, but hey, it all lines up otherwise.

The working theory, via HitFix: after the events of the Breaking Bad finale, the outbreak begins, prompting Jesse to flee in a stolen car… from the same dealership being managed by Glenn, bringing the two characters and the Charger out east. Jesse also likely used his remaining stock of Blue Sky to barter his way out of sticky situations as things started falling apart.

Of course, these could just be a series of cute teases by AMC, home to both series, and a reminder that Better Call Saul is on the way soon.

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  1. sage says:

    This theory is stupid for two irrefutable reasons. One, anyone who has watched breaking dead knows that the Challenger was blown up by Walt. Second, anyone who has watched breaking dead knows that Zombies didn’t exist in media before the outbreak – not even the word zombies (it is why they are referred to as walkers and nobody knew how to deal with them at first). Saul Goodman, however, proposes to turn computers into “zombies” to wire Walt’s cash to his son’s fundraiser. This theory is broken, and gives too much credit to Easter eggs. I’m sure no drug dealer ever besides Jessie has used the word bitch. Drug dealers are generally such kind and well spoken people

  2. levi says:

    Ah you  forgetting about brock

  3. Nick says:

    Are they a dumbass cause they had a theory? Are they all idiots? Calm down you little fucker and actually have a little fun. TV isn’t supposed to be studied, its just there to have entertainment and to lay back and relax. Not to be studying every little detail… just because someone has a reasonable theory that has some flaws doesn’t mean you have to be a whinny teen going through puberty about it: don’t be so bitchy.