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Brain Movies, Mapping Zombies, and Blue Sox: What We Learned at Nerdist This Week

Sometimes, I know that what’s on my mind at the end of the week isn’t what’s on your mind, or at least not on the minds of most of you. This was a baseball week for me. See what I mean? Yes, I know, some of you are fans. Matt Mira’s a fan, but after Wednesday, I imagine he doesn’t want to see another baseball game for a while. (Sorry about the Sawx, Matt) (ouch) My team, on the other hand, remains alive and in the playoffs, so I’m kind of into it at the moment, at least unless they lose, in which case I’ll join Matt in the Sullen, Disappointed Fan category. Not there yet, though. But I know that we’re not a sports site, and I have other places to indulge my sports nerdism, for now, at least.


So I won’t talk about baseball here. Instead, I’ll mention a couple of things Chris is up to, because this is, after all, the official site for all things Chris Hardwick. First, Chris is going to be hosting the Legendary Comics Panel at New York Comic-Con on October 15th at 2:30 pm. The panel, according to Legendary Entertainment’s Facebook page, “will include Frank Miller, Paul Pope, Bob Schreck and a few surprises.” So you’re going to want to be there if you’re attending the Con.

Meanwhile, as we saw just a little bit ago, Chris got a copy of his book “The Nerdist Way,” which makes it, of course, a real thing. The book’s publication date is on November 1st, but you can preorder by clicking here and picking from among the online merchants linked there, and, yes, there are Kindle and Nook and iBook editions. But there will also be personal appearances to promote the book, and as you’ll note to the right, Chris has scheduled the first of those for November 1st at the Apple Store at Stockton and Market in downtown San Francisco and November 9th at Powell’s Books in Portland. No turning back now, it’s happening.

And then there’s what else happened around these parts this week:

1. Kyle started things off with his review of the Doctor Who episode Closing Time without a mention of Semisonic. You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here, you know. (Shudder) (Fun fact: When Chris and I worked together at one particular radio station in L.A. years ago, that song came up practically every hour. That’ll make you never want to hear a song again. Any song)

2. Chris posted a commercial parody for “Gamewave” that devolves into male gamers discussing their, um, lack of experience with the most intimate areas of the opposite sex.

3. Danny posted the incredible video that Berkeley researchers created to show how they use a form of MRI to show video reconstructed from brain activity. You can see the video the subjects were watching on the left and what the brain waves generated in response on the right, and it reminded me of the films that exist showing the earliest mechanical television tests. Wow.

4. Jake had another batch of Intentionally Funny Videos, including a post-apocalyptic Eddie Pepitone and Tig Notaro’s impression of an impressionist doing an impression of an impressionist.

5. Someone did a version of the opening credit sequence to The Simpsons in Minecraft. Maggie is cubic.

6. We saw Matt Smith surprise the students at a school in England, and I mentioned the celebrity of sorts who visited MY high school, triggering your memories of when a famous person dropped by your own alma maters.

7. Becca caught up with saxophonist Colin Stetson again. He still wants to release a comic book someday. Someone make that happen.

8. Oxford University’s Internet Institute mapped where people are Googling “zombie.” Looks like L.A. is full of people who are doing that. Do they know something I don’t?  Or is it just Jonah doing “research” and Chris preparing for Talking Dead?

9. That animated Mad Magazine show on Cartoon Network did a bit merging Thundercats with every Internet meme they could cram into two minutes, the result being ThunderLOLcats. Teh funneh.

10. Jon discussed the pros and cons of investing in Netflix as the company splits in two. “Qwikster”?

11. Patrick riled up Skyrim fans with his latest experience with the game.

12. We saw how a surgical robot peeled a grape in the latest edition of “what can we use this amazing and expensive piece of medical technology to do next?”

13. A guy set a world record for riding a unicycle across the tops of beer bottles. Because he could.

14. Chris terrorized Wil Wheaton with green fangs at PAX. You got to see what that looked like.

15. This week’s Music Geek Track of the Week is Youth Lagoon’s “Afternoon,” a prime example of bedroom pop (we’re feeling a little Pitchforky, aren’t we?).

16. Your Nerdist Industries podcast smorgasbord for the week: Indoor Kids Kumail and Emily were joined by Paul Scheer for his sad tale of always ending up with consoles that failed. 3DO! Lynx! Riki talked to Matthew Gray Gubler about Making It. Sex Nerd Sandra, Ed and Dave answered emails. The Writer’s Panel featured Alan Yang, Michael Taylor, Genny Hutchison, and Ryan Farley, which translates into Parks and Rec, BSG, Breaking Bad, and Justified. And Todd and Graham Elwood discussed seltzer. Really.

17. Nerdist Podcasts: The Guild! Finally! Plus a new Hostful.


And that’s it for the week. Hang around, because things tend to pop up around here when you least expect ’em, like over the weekend. Remember to buy the Nerdist TV show on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, or the Zune Marketplace. (Yes, I know, U.S. only. Sorry) I’ll go now and watch baseball, and if the Phillies don’t win, I’ll remind myself to just enjoy my burrito anyway. If I haven’t thrown it against the wall while cursing loud enough to be heard in 38 states, that is. For everyone’s sake, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

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